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Title: End float in hub
Post by: A10Boy on 27.03. 2009 23:13
I've just encountered a problem which someone might be able to help with.

I changed the rear wheel bearings in my cast iron full width hub, stuck it all back together just as it came apart and now I've got about 50Thou of end float on the hub.

The brake plate end is secure and doesn't float, neither does the sub axle in the swinging arm, but the hub itself and the rear sprocket moves. Are there any shims or spacers to take this up on this type ?

The only things different before and after are the bearings and on dismantling I found the bearing retainer loose which I have now tightened with the proverbial punch.

Any thoughts ??
Title: Re: End float in hub
Post by: A10Boy on 28.03. 2009 13:26
And following a strip down I found that the bearing retainer had come loose so I made up a device to tighten it properly. I suppose the moral to the story is don't tighten things with punches.

Anyway, a great excuse to go for a test ride now the sun is shining.....
Title: Re: End float in hub
Post by: beezalex on 28.03. 2009 15:00
Since I've started putting a dap of blue loctite on the threads I stopped having this problem.