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Title: Well done Brittany Ferries
Post by: terryg on 22.10. 2015 15:11
On the Portsmouth to Bilbao crossing recently one of our three bikes lost its side stand, owing to how firmly the crew strap machines down. (NB on a recent crossing 15 bikes fell over).

The breakage was documented on board and on returning home I called BF as instructed.  All very straightforward; I should obtain a replacement and email a copy of the invoice in support of the claim.

Last Monday evening I sent in the invoice and on Wednesday morning (!) a cheque for the full amount arrived in the post.

Good service, I think.
Title: Re: Well done Brittany Ferries
Post by: Topdad on 22.10. 2015 16:49
Excellent good to hear
Title: Re: Well done Brittany Ferries
Post by: WozzA on 22.10. 2015 23:45
Yes it's VERY Important not to tie them down tight when transporting on the side stand,
& not just on BSA's, the first thing to break is always the side stand & over she goes..   *pull hair out*
Title: Re: Well done Brittany Ferries
Post by: kiwipom on 23.10. 2015 01:30
hi guys, we have to tie em down ourselves here so that if there is a problem there is no claim on the shipping company,cheers
Title: Re: Well done Brittany Ferries
Post by: terryg on 23.10. 2015 08:59
On Brittany Ferries the crew seem to prefer using the side stand (prop stand, kick stand) but that may be because many modern bikes don't have a centre stand.

After the breakage we had all three of our bikes put on centre stands, which required a lot more strapping and time to get them stable.

The deck officer (poor bloke) told me how much trouble they have with, for example, modern touring bikes. Heavy, weight high up, fully faired - and of course expensive when anything gets damaged. Under the circumstances he was coping very well, I thought. I can imagine some of the conversations he must have with owners after a rough trip.

Notwithstanding, I would happily make the trip again. The north of Spain has some excellent biking country and roads to explore.