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Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Happy to report
« Last post by ellis on Today at 07:14 »
Hi chaterlea25,
Good to hear your op went well. I look on retirement as every day is another days holiday. You can do what you want when you want and ride your bike every day if you want.

Best of luck with a speedy recovery, I,m just thankful to wake up each morning
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: another rings question for +.080
« Last post by Shark on Today at 05:11 »
I have used Goetze rings on the last two jobs, both Triumphs, and so far so good.
A7 & A10 Engine / Cam Follower Removal
« Last post by adunham1 on Today at 05:07 »
Hi everyone,

Wanting to remove the followers on my A10 SR to clean and inspect. I've been able to remove the two outer ones with the screws, but even after removing the center screw I cannot get the middle two followers out.

The parts book calls for a "ball" under the screw head, but mine does not currently have one and I'm unable to knock the center pin out. To be clear, the locating pin gets knocked towards the back of the cylinders, correct?

Any ideas? Perhaps the pin is a bit stuck and I'm not hitting it hard enough?
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: A7 crankshaft end float.
« Last post by TimK on Today at 02:21 »

Unless he's fully retired in the last three months or so he's still doing a couple of days a week. Whenever I drop stuff off he always says he can't guarantee how long the job is going to take but then invariably phones back a couple of days later telling me it's ready to pick up.


Glad you were able to get the needed care and are doing well. The hospital room could be the closest thing you get to going to a restaurant for a while. Hope the food is tolerable.

Richard L.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Happy to report
« Last post by sean on Today at 00:52 »
been retired for 10 yrs now its weird how our body gradually falls apart  as we get on in yrs  72 now but grateful for the time I have been given  and still in pretty good nick ..... take care and wash your hands *smile*
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Happy to report
« Last post by chaterlea25 on 23.11. 2020 22:43 »
Hi All,
Happy to report that my kick starting knee has been replaced today
I'm feeling fine so far,
Luckily I have a very nice private room to recuperate in.
My health insurance through my old job pays for it
I'm sure glad I kept up the policy into retirement, cos that's most likely when it'll be needed most

Thank you all for your kind words, progress continued today!

After reading through the replies, Chatterlea noticed the battery tray brackets were missing, well one of them was and the other was nothing but a bodge! Not sure how I missed it but thank you as youve save me a costly repair as I'd missed it, so thank you :)

Today I have removed the bodged up one and made two brand new brackets ready for welding tomorrow, I have also had a good rummage through the spares box and found a spare oil tank mount and trial fitted it all whilst taped up, I have also removed the brake cable mount!

 Onwards and upwards!


Wanted & For Sale / Mudguard
« Last post by BigJim on 23.11. 2020 21:06 »
Not sure if this any use but thought i should put it out there. Not mine, just nearby.
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