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Wanted & For Sale / Re: Clutch adapter wanted - where to buy?
« Last post by BSAmoto on Today at 11:02 »
I got hold of Tony but he was still in bed so I have to try later again...meanwhile I will check ebay for that piece..
Does anyone have a kickstarter for BSA or Triumph laying around?
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Clutch adapter wanted - where to buy?
« Last post by Nourish on Today at 10:24 »
"I will talk to Tony tomorrow "
If you phone - make sure you're sat in a comfy chair!
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Wanted A10 Plunger head steady
« Last post by Simon59 on Today at 09:12 »
Hi Pawel. Here's what I have, one is obviously broken which is why I bought a new pair (about £15?). I can send them to you if you like - free of charge to help you with your rebuild. It will be easier to make your own (if you decide not to buy some) if you have an original in your hands! Cheers, Simon
Hi Musky, I hope you and the missus are holding up OK, this all too frequent bush fire battles in OZ are a difficult thing to deal with. So many people I know have been hit with these.
To just name a few, so as you know that people have your back and heart in the times ahead.
My mum was sooo lucky to escape Black Saturday (Marysville) - handbag of stuff and a clean pair of underwear.
My Dad, (now deceased) even more lucky, the house spontaneously combusted as he watched it, Black Saturday (Kinglake)- Got a ute and trailer load of stuff out as the general store BBQ gas bottles exploded across the road in front of him. I’ll always remember his first quote, as I finally got to speak to him, (he was a notorious hoarder of good stuff, but mostly crap stuff), “ I really couldn’t have cleaned it up any better, but unfortunately now I only have one pair of socks”.
I hope you and family manage to travel through these times well, I also hope to meet you someday in person, with beers and talk over all things BSA.
Nearly forgot, I also also got snagged by the bushfires, 2014 Sth Gippsland farm, no huge personal or livestock loss but a financial loss nonetheless.
Love your humour and hope it stays intact, give us a few updates as you get time, we’re all on side MATE.
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Clutch adapter wanted - where to buy?
« Last post by berger on 21.01. 2020 23:00 »
try to buy an old one the new pattern parts can be a pain in the neck because the taper in them is not very accurate to line the clutch and crank sprockets as I found out the other day. I mentioned it in a topic called -- CLUTCH?
A7 & A10 Engine / two into one exhaust system
« Last post by berger on 21.01. 2020 22:54 »
I did not go to the pub yesterday *eek* because once I get stuck in to bike things time goes by. I have heard many different opinions on power output with either two separate exhausts or a two into one. what are the opinions of you  wise and enlightened people out there about a two into one giving a bit more power or less power than two separate exhausts? cheers *beer*
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Clutch adapter wanted - where to buy?
« Last post by beezermacc on 21.01. 2020 22:49 »
These are available on the Ebay UK site at the moment. Use "42-3170" as your search words
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Wanted: Lucas e3l dynamo
« Last post by beezermacc on 21.01. 2020 22:46 »
Yes, give me a ring early Wednesday 0900-1000 or early Thursday, or send me your phone number by personal message. Thanks. Andrew
Wanted & For Sale / Clutch adapter wanted - where to buy?
« Last post by BSAmoto on 21.01. 2020 22:44 »
From studying various places, it seems I need the adapter p/n 42-3170 to fit a 4-spring Triumph clutch to the A 10 gearbox mainshaft. Does anybody know where to get this piece? Someone mentioned the Tony Hayward adapter so I will talk to Tony tomorrow as well.
Thanks, Harty
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Lucas e3l dynamo
« Last post by trevinoz on 21.01. 2020 21:32 »
Jim, I have as many reco units on the shelf as anyone could want but I'm afraid that I am too far away from you.
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