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Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
« Last post by Greybeard on Today at 12:23 »
...I replaced the washers...
If you remove the pump; just in case you don't know: The nose of the oil pump needs a fibre washer under the body so that it is at the same level as the main part, that has a gasket under it. If it's not fitted, the pump body will get distorted.
Wanted & For Sale / Re: wanted plunger parts
« Last post by Greybeard on Today at 12:13 »
...can swap top yoke for one with steering lock...
My Plungie has a steering lock, so yours may be suitable for the bike.
Frame / Re: Steering head cup projects about 2mm
« Last post by Jules on Today at 10:04 »
yep I remember another post talking about this issue, I think they resolved it by fitting an O ring around the fork leg such that the gap wasn't obvious......
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
« Last post by UncleD on Today at 08:28 »
JulianS...that's how mine look...the black tooth tips are just had to see.  Thanks to all for the attention though.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Oil feed and return lines diameter
« Last post by UncleD on Today at 08:24 »
Thanks all. *wink2*
Good to see them all battling on through the sunny weather. Gosh, imagine what biking could be like if you didn't expect it to rain as soon as you pick up a helmet. I know fierce heat is probably worse but that's no problem for a whinging pomme.
 *beer* *fight* *good3*

I drove in the NT from Darwin down to Alice and the rock a few months ago. I was in a little Toyota hatch - boy was it hot when you stepped out and away from the air con. I mean hot. Soon got a real thirst for those ice cold and thin beers out there.

I feel thirsty already
Frame / Re: nuts and bolts
« Last post by Steverat on Today at 05:37 »
I find Drags site a useful resource, they have taken the trouble to dimension the major fasteners so you can use them as a guide if you want to put a list together. Also they have quite a bit of stock, though if you try and buy a complete set from them you will likely end up with some in zinc plate and some stainless.

I’m doing a bike which has been held together with lengths of Whitworth screwed rod over the years so I’m in the same boat as you. One odd thing I find is the way BSA seem to match differing bore sizes in the same bolted joint. I posted before and learned that’s because BSA sleeved the joints eg at the top of the saddle pillar, but that doesn’t explain it completely. Like for example the lugs and engine plates for the front have 7/16” holes but the spacer that goes between the lugs is only 3/8”. Drags sell a nice 7/16” bolt for that location but you can spend a long time trying to get that into a 3/8” hole. I ended up boring the spacer out.
Wanted & For Sale / Re: wanted plunger parts
« Last post by MikesClassicCycleSpares on Today at 05:09 »
Hi Dave, We would have all those items, and probably listed on our website for easy purchase, If you cant find it on there just send an email.
All prices are in Aus$ and we ship world wide.
Thanks yes I can see how that can happen. I’ll wedge it out as you suggest. At least I didn’t forget to put the cam in.

An old mate of mine was building an Ajay twin and put the cam followers in upside down. Bonkers but it did run for a short while. I still rib him about it. That was 50 years ago. It’s one of the few stories that can still irritate him- especially when told in front of a young audience.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Oil feed and return lines diameter
« Last post by chaterlea25 on 10.12. 2018 23:34 »
Hi D,
Don’t worry about “pressure/flow.”


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