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The Isle Of Wight BSAOC weekend is currently still planned to go ahead in September ... How about riding your A10 down, if it's on?

It's a lot of M/way miles to get down there is all. I'd probably not have the time to plot and take a better route.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: main bearing shimming
« Last post by sean on Today at 15:35 »
not really much of a  radius The original shim was fine but the ones I received from Baxter cycle were almost 3/16 too big on the I’d and flop all over
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: main bearing shimming
« Last post by mugwump on Today at 15:03 »
If the i/d of the shims is too close to the crank journal o/d isn't there a chance of the the shim fouling on the crank journal radius? or am I talking out of my hat again
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: main bearing shimming
« Last post by sean on Today at 14:24 »
Thanks for the reply think I will order another bearing and hone the I’d of the one I have for fitting purposes .
Need to find some better shim. Packs the ones they sent are too sloppy on the I’d and all but 1 shim measure .004 the other shim is .005 4shims in total in the package .
The crankcase on this motor has never been split it only has 3000 miles still the factory punch marks on the flywheel end plugs...and I know the 2previous owners
Any way origionally it was fitted with a Hoffman bearing and a 10thou shim there is .001 difference in width between the Hoffman bearing and the NSK         
I am assuming the factory because they were using the Hoffman bearing on all the motors just threw in a .010 shim on all the motors can’t see them checking end play on every motor on a production line .
Before I split the cases there was .005 end play with the .010 shim .
Where did you order shim packs from and was one set a better fit than the others ?
Would like to have 1 shim made but no access to a surface grinder out here in the boonies
As a "sidecar operator" it is certainly of use and interest to me.
Thank you.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / New car
« Last post by Greybeard on Today at 11:16 »
We have been running a Fiat Panda for the last 9 years. We bought it new in 2011 and paid just £8k for it. I thought that when I retired we would struggle financially so the Pandas economy made sense. The Panda has been extraordinarily good. It's given almost no trouble. At nearly 90k miles it has not needed a clutch or suspension or steering joints replacing. I had the cam belt done and the water pump at the same time, because it's easier to do with the belt covers off. The bodywork is still solid and the black paint gleams after an infrequent wash.

Anyway, time to move on. My son is having the Panda as a local runabout. We have cashed in savings and bought ourselves a nearly new BMW 1 Series M Sport. This thing is just full of smarts! Here are a few:
Lane control: at speeds over 40mph the car detects if you wander too close to white lines either side and steers itself away from them.
Speed limitting: A button and an adjuster wheel on the steering wheel allows the driver to set a maximum speed.

I am summoned by SWMBO. I'll come back to this later.
Frame / Re: Centre Stand Spring
« Last post by bsa-bill on Today at 10:53 »
bit of lateral thinking going on there
Hope this helps someone..
Worth solo riders reading for general riding tips.  *smile*
The Isle Of Wight BSAOC weekend is currently still planned to go ahead in September. This time, I've booked a vintage caravan to stay in rather than camping. If the motorbike event is cancelled me and Janet will drive, stay in the 'van, and explore the I of W.

How about riding your A10 down, if it's on?
Took to the Essex byways and trails yesterday. This was on the SP, and was not without incident. First up my pal with the XT225 had his chain hanging down like old knicker elastic from the off. So we stopped at the first off road section to sort that - took pretty much all of the snail cam adjusters to get it right so I guess a new chain and sprockets will be required.

Then our chum with the Kawa 250 had a rear wheel flat - nearly pitched him off with an alarming slide (when viewed from the rear) on a curve on a the black top. So we had our first trail side repair with that. All went pretty well.

Finally, I had a small electrical fire somewhere round the headlamp on the SP whilst U turning on a service station forecourt. Didn't recur once I switched back on and the bike was still able to run. Found I had no functioning headlight when I got home. 

So all in all a great day out. First time with the boys since the before times.

A10 is still languishing under cover in the bike port since the BSAOC camp in Norfolk last year. Probably needs a new battery by now.
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