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We used to use alloy big idlers in Vincents in the 70s. Some supplier back then thought they would be a good gear and many owners gave them a try
Over time they would shed flakes of aluminium from their teeth and pretty much destroy the engine.
We're back to original steel gears now, problem solved.
Whether an alloy gear on a magneto drive would be under enough stress to ever do this, I don't know. And of course there are hundreds of alloys.
The brown tufnol ( linen) item for the mag drive seems to be trouble free for a long time.

One of my bikes had a white plastic mag gear in place when I bought it.
The mag had been removed and replaced with a distributor, so there was virtually no load on the gear.
Nonetheless, the teeth were all shifted from their original position. The driving gear was slightly narrower so you could see the imprint of its teeth in the plastic gear. The plastic gear must have become very " plastic" at some point in time and allowed the teeth to go mushy.
I replaced the mushy plastic one with a tufnol item. 55,000 miles and it looks fine.

Amal, Carburation / Re: What throttle twist and cable is needed?
« Last post by duTch on Today at 00:07 »

 In the meantime if you haven't already been there, have a squiz at the D-Fly page, the diagrams are helpful but sometimes wrong picture as I noted when looking for levers;
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: LED indicators
« Last post by kiwipom on 20.04. 2019 23:19 »
hi guys, got this `flasher` unit from e-bay the flash rate can be adjusted, works well it has two pins and not three like the one in your pic, cheers
Frame / Re: Speedos
« Last post by UncleD on 20.04. 2019 22:53 »
I wish I knew what bits to clean (or avoid!) to remedy this age-old Chrono problem.

There is an excellent Smiths Chronometric Facebook page with plenty of info and helpful people. 

It's not difficult to strip and clean the just have to get over the fear of opening it up!  Basically remove the mechanism and soak in kero or alcohol...and then a very light oil of moving parts.
I’ve never heard a noise from a magneto drive pinion.

Why would it matter anyway?
G'day bd.
The fiber pinion was a safety thing. If something locked up the teeth would shred and save the otherthing. The alloys are good but make a bit (not a lot) more noise.
Amal, Carburation / Re: What throttle twist and cable is needed?
« Last post by muskrat on 20.04. 2019 21:29 »
G'day bd.
Try Priory on Tuesday
Original Lucas manual advance fiber gear or new Lucas manual advance allow gear?

Recently found and purchased a complete manual advance K2F Magneto with fiber gear and in good condition.

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Frame / Re: Speedos
« Last post by wortluck on 20.04. 2019 20:46 »
Greetings.  I had mine refurbed by that nice man in Northants (forgot his name again).  It works great except for the trip meter which occasionally decides to turn the x10 wheel x2 times (if you see what I mean) - so 19 miles suddenly turns over to 40 miles instead of 20.  Not too worried as the odometer is correct.  As for jumping, mine goes up a little jerkily up to about 65 then decides that it's reluctant to move any further.  A quick blip of the throttle will see it jump from 65 to 75 then it gets nervous and retreats again.  Vagaries of old Smiths equipment I suppose. ;)
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