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A7 1946-1950 / Re: A7 nip up
« Last post by cznorbert on Today at 06:49 »
In the picture I have marked the oil level in red, according to the manual.

 I don't understand, at this level, where does the oil pass to the crankshaft?
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Rocker box bolts. alloy head
« Last post by Black Sheep on Today at 06:26 »
Wanted & For Sale / K2F magneto reconditioned
« Last post by Truckedup on Today at 00:52 »
  Magneto for sale, manual advance.Fully rebuilt by D&G Engineering in the USA. Rewound armature, re magentised,modern condenser, new bearings, slip ring, pick ups and small parts.Only a few hours use on an A10. Includes new advance cable  control lever and test report from the rebuilder...This is a good deal, $500 including shipping in USA .Will ship overseas if you pay shipping....Will send photos to your email.
A7 & A10 Engine / Rocker box bolts. alloy head
« Last post by Truckedup on Today at 00:37 »
  Alloy head with what looks like brass inserts should use CEI 26 tpi bolts ?   thanks
Introductions, Member's Stories & Pictures / Re: Just a picture
« Last post by berger on 04.08. 2021 22:22 »
two hours before we got super soaked with the dreaded flash flood
Frame / Re: Scrambler rear Guard/Fender source
« Last post by Bsalloyd on 04.08. 2021 18:39 »
Rear scrambler mudguard 42-6845
The rear hockey sticks are also different
Offside 42-6846
Near side 42-6848

Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Easycap source
« Last post by wortluck on 04.08. 2021 17:31 »
[quoteOn the brushes, if they leave just faint traces after scribing a line or two to get any dust off the end, they're fine. It's the ones that leave great black streaks you have to avoid. Sounds as if you're OK on that front.][/quote]

No great black streaks, although a tad heavier if you press hard.  'Thorougher' probably should be a word, but I think it'll probably go down as a 'Groilyism'. *smile*

May have a replacement on the way.  If so, I may be back on the road sooner than I think.
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Easycap source
« Last post by groily on 04.08. 2021 17:11 »
Feel free Jase. I reckon the website is a bit thorougher if there's such a word (GB will confirm or more likely deny, as Resident Expert Wordsmith!), but, l share the Grateful Dead's (I think it was them anyway) attitude to live recordings ( as in Help Yourself!)
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: a10 magneto
« Last post by allenbrighton on 04.08. 2021 17:08 »
hi many thanks

being belt and braces man --the surface the brush will run on is pretty smooth---so i think i will  use it the cam ring has been damaged by a bodge --the spring was held on with a wood screw --the head was rather proud --hence rather badly scored the cam ring [ i have one coming ] many thanks
stay safe

Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Easycap source
« Last post by Minto on 04.08. 2021 16:26 »
What a great write up! I'm going to copy and save that to somewhere (if you have no objections);for when I might need to do this. Touch wood it's all working at the moment.
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