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When comparing the new BSA with other bikes on the market there can be no reason, other than nostalgia, for buying one. They'll probably sell like hot cakes because nostalgia is a powerful motivator in the market place. I can understand somebody buying one if they want to ride round the country lanes on something a bit different on a Sunday afternoon. But in the end, all it is, is a 'pretend' classic bike that will appeal to those of us who want something that's a bit quirky. Maybe that's me and I'm not ruling out owning one for all the wrong emotional reasons. But none of the practical reasons for buying one stack up. I don't even think it looks particularly nice. Nor does it satisfy my urge to pledge allegiance to the marque because there's nothing about the bike that's even British (that I'm aware of), never mind BSA. BSA, as we knew it, is dead and that's why we get all misty eyed when we see a proper Gold Star or Rocket 3 or Rocket Goldie or whatever. Nobody's going to get misty-eyed looking at an international assemblage of parts just because it has a BSA badge on the tank. If you've got £7000 to spend and you want something practical you can buy a Yamaha MT-07 for example. I've got an A10 which I restored 20 years ago and, honestly, it has never let me down, and it's still a lovely bike - if anybody wants that for £7000 they can have it and have a slice of genuine nostalgia. The new BSA (badge) is a case of Emperor's New Clothes in my opinion. Rotax powered BSA, it's been done before anyway, at half the price!!

and if you want a "pretend classic" then the new interceptor has just set records
It will cost a lot less and probably go a lot better .
Frame / Re: Grease Nipples
« Last post by BSA_54A10 on Today at 07:12 »
The strait conical grese nipples need a Teciment type grease gun which seals because you push the end of the gun hard to pump the grease
I fit standard Zerk fittings that latch on
Now a word to the wise here
BSA manuals say 1 or 2 strokes for greasing and that is for a Teciment type gun
A single stroke on a standard 12" long lever type gun is abut 10 teciment strokes
Not a big problem on forks, just messy but a disaster if you overgrease a brake spindle or wheel hub as greasy brakes are even less effective than standard BSA brakes .
That is a very bonny bike.

I can see a lot of work has gone into that project, well done you.

Looks so good in plain black as well, not a flame or skull in sight, I don't know how you can sell it after so much work.

No room in the garage?  For god's sake man, haven't you got a kitchen?

Wish I was there, had the money, and in the market. It is very cool and I believe the price is fair if the running is good (and I am thinking it is).  What guy (or woman, for that matter, even if they won't admit it) would not want to ride that thing?

Introductions, Member's Stories & Pictures / Re: new member
« Last post by Colsbeeza on 05.07. 2022 23:45 »
Welcome SHM.
With that thorough introduction, I seem to think you are already part of the Forum furniture.!
G'day Degsy.
Best of luck with the sale.
Very nice looking bike mate, very tastefully done. I like the look of large fin head on small fin barrels.
I hope the Forum was a help in the build.
stay in touch.
Introductions, Member's Stories & Pictures / Re: new member
« Last post by Minto on 05.07. 2022 17:40 »
Great read, thanks.
This place rocks!
Introductions, Member's Stories & Pictures / Re: new member
« Last post by wortluck on 05.07. 2022 17:25 »
Welcome, my friend, to a neverending world of pain trying to understand the vagueries of BSA design.  Having said that, the sages on these pages (see what I did there!) have saved me many a time, so you'll never be alone in that pain.

Does take a special sort of person to persevere with old British iron - getting rarer all the time.

Nice to hear from you. *welcome* *welcome*
Hi all

I am selling my 1952   BSA A7 Star Twin Plunger based Bobber for £4,800.

In early 2021, I was not looking for a BSA project but discovered this bike derelict in a local garden and I could not resist having a go at rebuilding it.  I really enjoyed the rebuild, although it has not been without its problems. 

I have a small garage and need the space as I have bought another project (1976 Honda TL125) and need to finish my Norton Commando. I would rather it went to someone who knows BSAs, so I am advertising it on the forum first.  It still needs running in as it has done less than ten miles up and down the road outside my garage, but it starts first kick no problem.

I have spent £3,500 on new parts alone, which is more than I should have, but the bike looks great.
The bike has had some serious upgrades…

• SRM Magneto electronic ignition conversion (previous owner upgrade, but I bought a new stator plate. The old one is probably OK and is a spare).

• Alton alternator conversion (Previous owner upgrade, I have replaced it with a new alternator.  The Alton people told me the old one was 2004 vintage and it did pass the tests they suggested so it will do as a spare or sell on).

• SRM up rated Oil Pump. This is a new addition, expensive but worth it for the improved oil flow.

• Needle roller conversion to crankshaft.  A previous owner upgrade, I have no information on who might have done the conversion.

The Bobber front end is from a BSA A65 Lightning but with the 4” longer fork stanchions.

Gearbox  was rebuilt
Cylinder rebored with new pistons.
New Big and Small End bearings
New wiring loom.

It looks like the Bobber was put together in 1982 from a 1953 frame and 1952 engine, when it was given an age appropriate registration with a year of manufacture recorded on the V5 as 1952, so the bike is Historic registered and requires no MOT or TAX.

Lots of spares, including spare Crankcase, Cylinder Barrel, rocker box and crankshaft.

Frame / Re: Grease Nipples
« Last post by Angus on 05.07. 2022 16:14 »
I too have the same problem but on the Norton (not going don the notrun route as she runs beautifully). The plunger nipples are this old sort. I did try a temporary replacement with new sort but still got grease everywhere and not sign in the plungers. Sav if you find a solutions that works please post it.
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