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Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Father's Day
« Last post by mikeb on Today at 12:08 »
Does anyone ever remember the very last time one of your children or a grandchild sat on your lap?
my 11 year old last night and hopefully not for the last time. i try and keep in mind that everyone one of those moments in special. savour it. actually better than motorbikes
you do have to be a bit OCD to OCR dutch. one day i'll tell you what i do for a job
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Can anyone identify?
« Last post by RogerSB on Today at 11:33 »
Thanks Swarfy.  I must admit the earth from rear light to the battery + earth is a very recent addition (actually only 2 days ago).  Over the past few weeks my bike has been up on it's work platform for a fork overhaul, a new rear sprocket and while waiting for replacement parts I took the outer and inner covers off the gearbox to check if anything was amiss after detecting a slight difference in sound in certain circumstances. Pleased to say (to me) all looked fine but while it was out I did renew the mainshaft bearing and bushes in the inner cover. During this time I also stripped and resprayed the fork legs, trousers, front mudguard & its fittings. Then the rear mudguard and number plate, finishing it all this weekend, only to find the rear light and the stop light wasn't working.  Bearing in mind that, in addition to the rear light, all the wiring inside the nacelle had also been disconnected. I was sure I had connected it correctly but removed the headlight to check. All was ok and I was puzzled.  I eventually traced it to the rear light not having an earth, so I added the new earth wire and all worked fine. Previously the earth must have relied on a bolt from the light fitting making earth through the mudguard and, of course, I would have painted over it. Checking an original wiring diagram for my bike's year there was no separate earth wire from the rear light and it must have relied, from day one, on making an earth through the tinware, frame and to battery.

Now waiting for my son to come and help me take it off the work platform.

this thread is interesting to me (my SR is now spluttering under load). I OCR-ed and fixed that service note:

 I was trying to explain 'OCR' to a couple of girls I was working with for a few days a year or so ago, but the closest I could get was 'OCD' (they looked at me kinda funny).... *conf*  For you to do that mike they must be related anyway *smile*
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Dowty Washers size?
« Last post by duTch on Today at 11:25 »

... DuTch, surely the banjo ID fits around the spindle OD so a washer that does the same should be the correct size. ......

 Maybe you mean "the banjo ID fits *snug* around the spindle OD" ? If so, it may be close but I don't think mine does, but maybe also didn't come with my engine...been a while since I had it off but if I recall the wall thickness is *~about* 1/8"- if that...I can't find any dowty washers locally anyway, but as I've said before I made a couple of washers from nitrile sheet a couple of years ago and they seem to be functioning ok (cut a hole to fit the shaft snug to locate them) works for me, but I hope you find what you're looking for.

 nb I remember someone (maybe BSA500 ?) looking into it a year or two ago but the size mentioned didn't relate to anything I could find at the time but 1/4" BSP sounds familiar
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: total pressure plate lift
« Last post by coater87 on Today at 10:55 »
 Thanks guys,

 Musky, so i only need to find .010 or so more. I just dont know where yet. The cable is really moving up on the suspect list.

 This is the suzuki clutch, but I am thinking "lift is lift" and type of clutch shouldnt matter?  *conf*
  I really want to get this clutch working correctly. As I have sorted out the bike the shifting has taken a back seat to everything else, but now its top of the list.

I bought new plates and springs from barnett, and new cork based frictions from EBC. Once I find a little more lift I am hoping everything gets much better.

Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Can anyone identify?
« Last post by Swarfcut on Today at 10:33 »
Roger.. On the contrary. That is one of the best layouts, nice a clear, not about to flare up thanks to the fuse in the feed line. The fuse in the earth is ineffective as it is wired in parallel with a big hefty lead to the rear light fitting which is electrically connected to the mudguard and frame.
 I suggested  a10 amp fuse, I suppose 15amp is more suitable with high output systems and big wattage bulbs.

 The Draganfly schematic of the loom from Scotty was fine to tell what goes where, but your scheme shows how it all works. The system is more or less the same over the years, only the wiring colours, polarity and individual types of component changed.

this thread is interesting to me (my SR is now spluttering under load). I OCR-ed and fixed that service note:
it has been  reported that in some cases it is necessary to increase the
Main Jet size in the Super Rocket Mono-Bloc carburetor up as high as
#350 to #500 to obtain maximum performance. The standard main jet size is

A Super Rocket that doesn't run as fast as is expected and its is
Necessary to to increase the Main Jet size considerably to obtain high
Speed performance, it is an indication of a 'gasoline flow' restriction
at some point in the passage between the gas tank and the main jet

Points where a possible restriction may be located.
   1. Gas tank shut-off. Remove and clean thoroughly.
   2. Banjo Gasoline Fitting. Remove and cut 3/32 off the inlet
   and outlet "pipes". And burr the holes to clean away the
   rough edges. The "pipes" are the sections that the plastic
   lines slide over. There is banjo fitting at each tank
   shut-off and one at the carburetor. The "pipes" on the double
   Inlet banjo at the carburetor are tapered down on the ends and
   The holes are partially closed shut, when they are shortened
   3/32" the holes will be opened to the correct size.

   3. Float valve seat fitting. Remove from the carburetor - open up
   the gas passage  to 1/8" - drill in from the opposite end to the
   float valve seat so that the seat is not upset.

   4. Gas screen at the carb. Remove and leave the screen  out if it
   is the "Bronze Screen Type". Cut off the Screen  and use the
   washer section only if it is the "Plastic Type".

   5. Air Cleaner. Remove the entire air-cleaner to obtain  max, high
   speed performance.
but this still would not explain why the bike used to run fine and now does not, would it?
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Father's Day
« Last post by RogerSB on Today at 10:27 »
I feel for you guys that have not experienced the joy of having your own child fall asleep on you. I'm currently enjoying my four grandchildren very much. I've just been reading stories to my daughters pair of girls; I do all the different voices. I was sad when my own kids told me they were old enough to not want bed-time stories read to them.

Yes GB, I agree, when I see my children and grandchildren happy and successful it makes me feel that my own life has been worthwhile.

Think about this one.  Does anyone ever remember the very last time one of your children or a grandchild sat on your lap?  There must be a time but you're never aware of this at the time.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Father's Day
« Last post by Colsbeeza on Today at 10:26 »
I know what you mean GB. I have 5 grandsons aged from 2-12. On arriving for a visit, the little ones were jumping up and down at the door with excitement. I asked the eldest the other day whether he wanted to play trains (Thomas and friends). He said no that's for little kids.! Sigh!! Anyway, he is showing interest on motorbikes.
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