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Mike, If replacing the DVR-2 and battery, might be a good time to move to 12V. Yes?
Any thoughts / considerations?
Thanks Mike, I checked the connector plug and the battery connections, all good. Assume earth connected.
Hmmm yes perhaps a new battery would be clever.
did you do anything about that Li battery Steve? not good on our  bsas.
if you have a wet or agm battery and you are sure you have the DVR2 connected well (ie check the ground, the volts at the input and output terminals) then I'd say that you did just test the DVR2. and found it wanting.
but i would double check the connections to it first.
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« Last post by scotty on Today at 02:32 »
Welcome Roy

Great history and wonderful project

Getting back to trying to solve that flat battery mystery ...........
In the weekend I tested the Dyno output (by bridging the D & F plugs and earthing to the Dyno case) and got a healthy 18V + at 3,000rpm ... so I take the dyno output to be good.
But I measured only 6.2V at the 6V battery, both at rest and while charging / motor running. The Ampmeter showed no noticeable charging (it does show discharge with lights on, so it is working).
Therefore I think, is my DVR-2 not working? How do I check this?
Your thoughts please ......................
Thanks Steve
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« Last post by Joolstacho on Today at 00:18 »
Now there's a family heirloom worth having. Great - for your dad's memory.
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« Last post by WozzA on Today at 00:01 »
Welcome to the forum... Great looking bike, your in the right place for information to get her back up & running..  Looks like your dad had you in mind with a couple of machines stored away for your retirement project..    *loveit*   *yeah*
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« Last post by WozzA on 25.08. 2019 23:39 »
Never gave flipping the leaver over a thought...  BUT I'll pull the wheel out today & see what can be done...     *doubt*
What the Hell does RAASP mean?   *????*     *dunno*
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« Last post by Greybeard on 25.08. 2019 23:17 »
Fantastic project. Will you be able to do much of the work yourself?
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Custodian of an A10
« Last post by roys51a10 on 25.08. 2019 23:08 »
Hi,my father bought an A10 Golden Flash brand new in 1951 that was used until mid 1960's when life got in the way and it was parked up in his garage.Many attempts over the years to get him to resurrect it failed.Sadly he died Dec 2017 aged 92.So the task of resurrecting it will begin.It's surprisingly rust free, most of the chrome has fallen off.But no rust in tanks or engine.I'm hoping to use it as it is, strip it down and replace only necessary parts.We found some pictures of him on it,and took one as we found it.Hope to update as i go and use the very useful knowledge on here to help.
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