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Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: newbie
« Last post by Greybeard on Today at 08:40 »
Nice bike, just like my own.
I am jealous!  *smile*
Frame / Scrambler wheel sizes and shock lengths info required
« Last post by Kickaha on Today at 06:15 »
From the reading I have done it appears the scrambler could use either a 19 or 21 inch front wheel, if it used the 21 did it use longer rear shocks to compensate for the rake/trail change and were there any changes to the front forks

Asking because my A10 spends a reasonable amount of time on back country unsealed roads which tend to be a bit rougher so I'm looking to make some changes one of which will be wheel sizes to get a wider range of tyres and while I'm at it the suspension will getting a going over as well

Nice day on Sunday so thought I'd do a loop through Lee's valley, 130 km round trip with 70km of that being gravel, with multiple ford and a river crossing which I fell over in and had to wait for the electrics to dry out, some quite big elevation changes but reasonably easy riding which the mighty ATB (All Terrain BSA) took in it's stride, I do find the Avon Speedmaster Mk2 possibly not the best front tyre for it though
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: newbie
« Last post by scotty on Today at 00:31 »
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Altette Horn thread size
« Last post by TimK on Today at 00:17 »
Hi Everyone

Does anyone know the thread size of the "coil core locking nut" on the rear of the horn?

Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: newbie
« Last post by Joolstacho on 17.11. 2019 23:11 »
Goodonya Billy, bike looks very nice. If you should feel like experiencing civilisation, ride south. *dribble*
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / newbie
« Last post by billy on 17.11. 2019 22:55 »
hi, after a few years of sitting on the side lines thought i'd best register, probable find me roaming around the lincolnshire wolds.
I'm pretty sure I changed my studs for rocker box studs after I fitted the thicker alli sump with drain plug. I wish I had put rocker box nuts on as well, as Musky suggested. I'll order some now.  *good3*
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Plunger A10 assembly
« Last post by Swarfcut on 17.11. 2019 22:12 »
No Dave. The grooves are  to allow oil to lubricate the highly loaded area between the back face of the sprocket and front face of the drive sleeve. Relative movement here only occurs as the cush assembly works its magic, under the considerable spring load.

 Oil slinger and scroll type drive sleeve would be be the way things were done on early engines, oil seal and smooth sleeve on later variants, but as you have found slinger and smooth sleeve are also found. Plenty on this in previous Forum posts. The scroll is in the form of spiral grooves cut in the periphery of the drive sleeve, where the oil seal runs on later engines.

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