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Frame / Re: Progressive fork springs
« Last post by coater87 on 23.08. 2019 21:58 »
 I had a bad rattle also, because a PO had relieved the top edge of the circlip groove probably attempting to make installing easier. This meant the circlip could pop out and it did!
 I also took Julians great advice and installed widgets. They work excellent,  I am in America so NOS is cheaper than poorly made reproductions.
 I had to shim my fork seals .060, so i used plastic shim sheet you can cut yourself. I believe a layer of orange and yellow did the trick.
 My forks no longer rattle or leak!

G'day Barry.
Have you cleaned the slip ring thoroughly? Sparks may be tracking.
Most mag problems are carb related  *pull hair out*. I agree with Bob and Billy, give it a good clean out. Ultrasonic cleaners are good for doing the pilot circuit.
Frame / Re: Swinging arm sidecar mounting
« Last post by RogerSB on 23.08. 2019 21:28 »
No Roy, I didn't envisage fitting a sidecar at the time, it's a decision made only a couple of weeks ago.
If I do end up with the GP Manx they're going to deliver it to me and I'll fit it myself. I'm reasonably confident that my new solo springs will be ok. Way back when I had a Canterbury Double Adult on one of my previous G/Flashes (and it was a big sidecar - as pic) I didn't change the springs or the engine sprocket and it handled fine. I had it on the bike for about a year. I do remember when my pal and I fitted it in the narrow cobbled lane at the back of my parents house and I tried it for the first time the handlebars went from one side to the other in double quick time and I nearly hit the wall.  *eek* We forgot to screw the damper down.  Anyway, I'm hoping the GP Manx, being smaller and lighter will be ok on solo gear and I have E Dow dampers fitted.  If not it'll have to be a job for the winter.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Racers?
« Last post by Klaus on 23.08. 2019 21:23 »
The top picture seems to be a A7 Daytona, I count 6 fins on the barrel. Daytonas have lage journal crank an thickflange 6 fin barrels. Twincarb head and Amal TT carbs running with dope.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Racers?
« Last post by RichardL on 23.08. 2019 19:55 »
Interesting pictures, with two factory bikes fit out for cafe racing. I'm just guessing, '49 rigid in the top photo, and plunger at the bottom. Too ignorant to guess the plunger year. Really out of my league guessing Gold Star in the background of the bottom photo.

Richard L..
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Racers?
« Last post by Greybeard on 23.08. 2019 19:35 »
A couple of interesting pictures from Armoury Road. What do we have here?
Frame / Re: Swinging arm sidecar mounting
« Last post by RoyC on 23.08. 2019 18:28 »
Roger, Did you fit sidecar springs when you refurbished your forks?

My forks were bottoming out with the solo springs.

Here's a photo of my solo and sidecar springs.
Frame / Re: Progressive fork springs
« Last post by JulianS on 23.08. 2019 18:21 »
Parts bulletin below gives spring lengths.

The 89 spring was used on all the late solo A10s.

Measuring the spring and seal holder in my parts box;

Spring diameter 47mm approx.

Seal holder bore 49mm approx.
Frame / Re: Progressive fork springs
« Last post by Swarfcut on 23.08. 2019 18:15 »
Jim, Drags have a list of standard springs, length, wire gauge, number of turns etc. B40 springs are very similar , but a bit shorter...I am sure Mr G will be amenable if a rogue set has crept in, so do your researches.

 Easy to swap out, all the bits have recently been apart and no doubt all the tools are readily to hand, so just leave the new oilseal holders on and finish with a Guinness.


Axial movement of the fibre gear relative to the taper centred  carrier is controlled by the position of the retaining collar, pressed onto the  carrier. Usually the two parts are flush or the collar very slightly proud.The rivets under the  weights are flush, hence your problem. Looks as if someone has had it apart and not assembled it with the care and attention to detail it needs, and left it a bit too loose in a futile attempt to clear the rivet heads. You may find more evidence of misguided modifications when it is apart. Have a look on the excellent Priory Magnetos Website, there is a section on DIY  refurbishment, 5 to 10 thou endfloat  between the gear and shaft is recommended.

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