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I will get the hang of these pictures one day grrrr

I ordered a retro tyre today as I figured it wont see much wet weather hopefully and will be mainly used for work in the summer and shows and runs round the lake district.Can always change it if I am not happy.Picked up the crankcases and crankshaft and rear brake drum from the machinists today so once I get my new shells from Stafford will start the rebuild.
The tank arrived from India today and boy have i had fun!!!Was pleasently suprised only had to pay £21 tax.The petrol cap supplied fits good.The holes for the badges were full of paint but tapped out ok except one side the holes were slightly out so filed the holes in the badges a little bit to suit.Then one of the badge screws snapped so managed to drill out and re tap(heart in mouth moment i can tell you but managed not to slip with the drill).Ipolished up the brass taps from my old tank and they fit straight in with no problem once the correct thickness of fibre washer was chose.Had to file one of the holes for the plate that holds the kneepads on and fit the old pads for now till after stafford again.Any tips on how to fit the new kneepads easily would be appreciated i.e. washing up liquid,wd40?
The tank is fairly good for what it cost me and will do until i get the original sorted sometime

Well, yesterday, actually. Don’t ask.
Started a project (vee twin in BSA A10 frame) over 20 yrs ago. Having almost finished the engine, it got put to one side for a couple of decades. Realised this year I’d better finish it off before my time was up, so dug it out and got stuck in. Engine finished, in frame etc etc a few months ago. Front end is Suzuki GT (twin disc on spoked wheel) but had some fun identifying the calipers. Turned out they were from later GS model. Had to swap them left to right and vice-versa.
Anyway, got seat on, then waited a month for brake hoses to arrive (wanted to be able to stop the bike before putting it on the rollers). So yesterday tried to start it for the first time. On the rollers it popped a couple of times, then the roller’s starter motor broke its mounting. Hardly surprising – I thought this engine might be a pig to start, but it’s even worse than I imagined. Tried the kickstart next. At first I thought it was jammed, as it was as solid as a footpeg. But no, it’s just the compression. Seems combination of short stroke (75mm) 8.7:1 compression and 998cc is maybe a step too far, but not much I can do about that now. Rollers are out of commission until I can source another starter motor, but in the meantime am reminded that the Vincent kickstart lever is about ten feet long, so am considering lengthening mine to get more leverage. Whether the box and quadrant / ratchet can take the strain is another matter.
When I designed the bike I purposely made the primary drive a lower ratio to ease the torque on the gearbox (38/64 instead of 27/54). I thought that would also assist kick-starting, but clearly not enough. Could probably fit an engine sprocket in there up to perhaps four or five teeth larger, but making another one is a hell of a lot of work and then there's the problem of the belt. Not only expensive (was around £50 twenty years ago) but there's not a great choice of lenghts - and the gearbox is bolted to the rear of the engine. Bit depressing really. *pull hair out*
Frame / Brake relining
« Last post by RogerSB on 17.10. 2019 20:59 »
Hi all,
I'm waiting for a GP Manx sidecar to be delivered from Watsonian any day now and in preparation, as I have a spare set of front 8" brake shoes I thought I'd send them off and get them relined with some good quality linings. I see Villiers Services do them for £21.95 a pair using a woven non asbestos material and I've had a quote from Saftek for £36.00 using 3915 heavy grade material, both prices inclusive of vat & return post. (Edit): The spare shoes mentioned are cast with W1088 & 9, so are triumph shoes but size are exactly the same and are 1/2" for pivot.

Has anybody had any knowledge / experience with either lining service or the lining material?

Currently using SLE riveted shoes, which I've found to be fine, never had any *eek* moments with them, so I'm thinking of sticking with that, but I also have a new set of Taiwan made floating shoes I bought from feked and I've been wondering whether I should get them relined instead. Any advice/comments appreciated.
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: Brian Crossman New Member
« Last post by Bsareg on 17.10. 2019 20:33 »
On some  bikes, we have, including an A10 !! I know, its sacrilege.  *smile*
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Special spanner
« Last post by RoyC on 17.10. 2019 19:54 »
btw, 'king dick', lol

King Dick used to be made three miles away from where I grew up.
They were considered to be very good tools.
Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Special spanner
« Last post by coater87 on 17.10. 2019 18:42 »
 How many perfectly good wrenches have you heated up, bent in a vice, than ground 90% of the meat off to make them work?

 If it does anything at all its useful.

Chat, Offtopic, Meetings & Everything Else / Re: Special spanner
« Last post by a10gf on 17.10. 2019 18:41 »
Does the lady in the house know you usually put oily garage tools on her most cherished tablecloth & in the valuable ceramics coming from her 15th century ancestors ?  :O)

btw, 'king dick', lol
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: Brian Crossman New Member
« Last post by Greybeard on 17.10. 2019 18:27 »
I agree about the AM26s. I fit them on all my bike over 250cc and find they improve the handling even on old Camels. GB is right about them not looking the part but what price safety. I don't bounce as well as I used to.
By the same logic, why don't you fit disk brakes as well then  ;)
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