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A7 46-50 Long Stroke / Re: Side stand for '49 A7 Star Twin plunger
« Last post by Rex on Today at 09:03 »
I'm still looking for a suitable side stand for my '51 too. It would be easy if it had the factory lug but it hasn't, and by the looks of it never did have. Using the centre stand is a pain (literally) in the backside.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: Using chain wax
« Last post by BSA_54A10 on Today at 08:46 »
Have they changed the formula ? I used this stuff a long time ago when I was a dispatch rider and my bike used to eat chains. Found it to be no better than spray lube plus all the hassle of taking the chain off- thank heavens for O ring chains, I got nearly 25000 miles out of the last chain on my Kawasaki ZZR 1100. I would fit one to the BSA but the clearance is tight with the chain guard.
ZZR 1100 for dispatch riding.
You obviously like doing things the hard way.
I did the same job in the Sydney CBD on a SR500 with the A65L as back up .
Both bikes had a 200 litre combined pannier top box fitted into which I could jamb 300kg of airfreight satchels.
As for fitting the chains, that is why you use multiple chains.
Just link them together and pull the new one in with the old one.
I used to buy my chains by the roll .
Once a chain has reached the end of the adjustment on your rear wheel the sprockets have significant wear.
The trick is to run several chains so all of them wear with the sprockets.
Putting anew chain on a set of worn sprockets will kill the chain in no time flat.
When we were in the mountains I was knocking up a touch over 150,000km / year and was doing a roll of Hitachi industrial high speed chain ( 100 ft ) about every year.
The M20 has not gone through it's 5 chains that I bought back in 1994 and that is well over 500,000 miles ago .
It has gone through more pistons & clutches than chains
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: Using chain wax
« Last post by BSA_54A10 on Today at 08:42 »
When I bought my new chain I also bought a can of Putoline Chain Wax. I've never used this stuff before so I took some pictures and a couple of video clips:

Guess who was out for a few hours?

On the stove:

I heated it slowly until it was all melted. There was no smoke or even a smell, that I could detect.


The chain did not drip when it was hung up to cool.

I did manage to splash a little wax onto the worktop and cooker but white-spirit immediately removed it.

The chain was not overly greased; it looked just the same as when I bought it; I had feared the chain would be horribly greasy and mucky to fit onto the bike. I imagine that the chain manufacturers use similar wax before the chain is packed for sale.

Altogether an easy process.

So now she who was not home is and you are looking for temporay accomodation ?
Been using this method for better than 50 years .
The only method that actually gets lubricant into the bushes.
Working out exactly when to turn off the heat is the trick.
As you use it more, it will start to smell more.
Also be very careful doing it on a gas cooker because if the melted wax tips onto a flame, she definately will know what you were up to in the kitchen.
I do mine outside on a portable gas burner.
I also use multiple chains so I only have to cook them once in a while .
After the wax has gone hard, the can is a perfect place to store the pregreased chain ready to go on.
I like to clean my chains in kerro ( parrafin to some ) then hang the chains overnight to drain before I cook them.
Frame / Re: Rear brake lining dodgy
« Last post by Duncan R on Today at 08:40 »
I ordered some rear shoes from  C&D Autos and they sent me a pair of Ferodos - Might be worth a try
Hi I have a 1952 plunger frame and have a bolt on side stand I’m sure they must be the same jr
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: Using chain wax
« Last post by Black Sheep on Today at 06:45 »
I was banned from using Linklyfe after tripping on the carpet with a tin full of the melted stuff on my way back out to the shed. I then used a small gas stove to heat it up until one day inevitably knocking it over.
Now I either pour EP90 on with a 60 ml syringe or (rather better) use some self-levelling grease. It's thixotropic - liquefies when subject to movement and gels when stationary. Means it penetrates the links when you are on the move but doesn't drip when parked.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: Drive chain?
« Last post by Greybeard on 21.08. 2019 23:02 »
I've got the new chain on the bike but I'm going to take it off and use a half-link to enable shortening the chain a bit; the adjusters are well out. A whole link would shorten it too much.
We had a Rover P6 like that one ˄
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Wanted A10 Alloy head
« Last post by laneplodder on 21.08. 2019 21:47 »
Hi Phil, did you manage to get sorted with your alloy head search?
Cheers, Matt
Hi Andy, many thanks for the message, but we have now found a head..

Really sorry for the delay - have been MEGA busy and no time for a social life for some time!! If I hear anyone needing one, I'll pass this on..

Kind Regards, Matt
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