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Reducing the main jet is correct if it’s rich at full throttle.  Have you been riding at full throttle?

Frame / Re: A10 polychromatic beige paint
« Last post by RDfella on 26.05. 2019 18:24 »
How about black frame and rest of tinware beige? That's how I did my GF. I think the contrast sets the beige off better, but that's only my opinion.
thank you, the needle jet sounds like the next thing to consider or I find a carb that matches the inlet. I have a concentric that would match. I had a Mukuni on my Triumph before I broke it - the Triumph that is.. I should have mentioned i'm at 6200 ft above sea level (1800m) I currently have the needle on the lowest setting (the top notch) and I have jetted teh main jet down to 180 today, so I'll see how that translates this next week or so.
Thank you again, all good advice and things to try,
Frame / Re: A10 polychromatic beige paint
« Last post by rajclassicbiker on 26.05. 2019 17:55 »
HI , Many thanks for all the advice . It has occurred  to me to paint it in a nice black ( easy etc. ) and I have seen one done and it looked great . Then I look at mine and think ... it does look good in beige ! I well remember the 1970s and the colours especially the cortinas ( I was driving a Mk2 GT in green - wish that it had'nt rusted to nothing !) . I was thinking the gold 1600E cortina was close in colour . By the way I need a bottom fork leg if anyone has one or knows where I can source one  - not urgent but I want to change the right hand one before painting as it has a repair .
Frame / Re: A10 polychromatic beige paint
« Last post by Greybeard on 26.05. 2019 17:44 »
My bike was professionally done in two-pack black. It seems to be very durable. Petrol and UK white spirit don't touch it.
The first thing to suspect is a worn needle jet.  It’s not expensive: buy a new one.

Richness (and weakness) is remedied by following the carburettor tuning procedure.  It’s in the service sheets and most manuals.

It’s fair to say that an oversized carburettor is harder to tune.
Frame / Re: A10 polychromatic beige paint
« Last post by RDfella on 26.05. 2019 16:19 »
As Swarfy - and the Stones - said, paint it black. No worries then - although there are shades of black these days, believe it or not.
Larger bore carb into a smaller bore manifold is never good. Other way around can be acceptable up to a limit. Larger into smaller will gave flat spots which would have to be corrected by an over-rich mixture. Maybe that's the problem.

 I have a 389 (forget which size) into a BV Ally head, and it runs fine now I think I've sorted the jetting- had to go to a 105 needle jet,  otherwise stock stuff....except a custom inlet tract.
 I believe it's not good to have a step in the transition, maybe you could fabricate a spacer to match each side (Carb/Inlet)
Frame / Re: A10 polychromatic beige paint
« Last post by worntorn on 26.05. 2019 14:16 »
One of the many problems I've encountered when painting bike parts, especially fuel tanks , is finding a fuel resistant clear coat.
It's frustrating to put all the work into the job then see it damaged by a fuel spill, which eventually happens.

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