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Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Peculiar charging issue
« Last post by bikerbob on 23.05. 2019 09:20 »
Thanks for those replies and next week I will check them out I did rewire the bike a couple of years ago but  apart from putting a fuse in directly off the battery it is wired as per the original BSA wiring diagram. The battery is only about 18 months old and checks out OK.
Frame / 51 plunger crinkle hub conundrum !!
« Last post by jonny web on 23.05. 2019 08:57 »
Dear all

I am having a head scratching moment and maybe someone out there can shed light upon.

I have a 51 plunger A10 goldenflash, all bog standard. There appears to be a new splined ring on the brake plate and a new rear hub bearing sleeve and nut on the drive side.
The hub is standard but when it is on with the spindle bolted in, the distance between the hub collar (67-6077) and the timing side plunger lug is too small to fit the distance piece 67-6066

my only thought is that the problem lies with the rear hub bearing sleeve  67-6060 which may be too long ?

Shouls the hub be closer to the rear brake drum on assembly than mine is ?

any advice appreciated
Frame / Re: removing rear wheel bearings
« Last post by jonny web on 23.05. 2019 08:28 »
thanks guys
yes point well taken about different text colors etc !

dutch the removal tool sounds interesting and i guess there a several ways to tackle it but i would like to be able to pull or push the bearings out rather than hammer them as they may well be reusable

swarfy my original wheel is indeed later with one retaining ring, as well as that some plum respoked it with the idea that the hub is on the centre line of the rim, with no offset so i intend to get an early plunger  hub working and lace the wheel on that i have.

before i bang bearings around i just need to see if it fits which it does not
i will post a new therad now to tackle this !

best JW
Frame / Re: removing rear wheel bearings
« Last post by Swarfcut on 23.05. 2019 08:01 »
duTch.. My parts book shows bearing 65 5883 common to plunger hub and early 1954/55 S/A hub, so this is the basis of my suggestion they were the same. The cutaway diagrams show the different arrangements, so a mystery?
 The dismantling procedure was a summary of Service Sheet 212C, published in February 1965. Pushing the right side bearing towards the hub centre assumes the bore is smooth. Later variants with riveted construction mean your method is the only gentle way. A 6" nail head,  ground to a wedge profile can be forced between the bearing and central spacer to start a bit of movement. Weld method is a bit brutal but quick.

 Jon.. If your original wheel has only one bearing retaining ring, it is from an early S/A  bike.

Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: New member - Steve Hendriksen
« Last post by SteveH on 23.05. 2019 06:12 »
Nice looking A10. Thanks for the welcome.
Bear with me while I figure out how this posting thing works.
Photo of Super Rocket should appear.
Might chance my profile pic, I've found a funnier one.
Cheers, S
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: New member - Steve Hendriksen
« Last post by KiwiGF on 23.05. 2019 02:40 »
Welcome Steve, us kiwis on this forum will outnumber the Brits one day  *smile* (I’m in Masterton). You have “rocket racer” of this forum in Auckland, and I’m sure there are others.

Obviously you need to change your profile pic in due course  *whistle*
Amal, Carburation / Re: Choke lever
« Last post by Slymo on 23.05. 2019 02:38 »
I like the Air Slide and have had no issues with getting them to work perfectly. I even made one for one bike, soldering it together out of bits of brass stock. made the rest including the spring on the Myford. Cable, if properly made, is unlikely to cause problems. Only issue I ever had was with a B44 that would vibrate the lever round till it dropped the slide. Easily sorted by selling the bike. :)
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Re: BSA Star Twin Kawasaki W800
« Last post by SteveH on 23.05. 2019 00:01 »
Lovely Star Twin!
I have one too, has anyone bought a new petrol tank that there are happy with? Details please.
I might buy one if I know that the quality is recommended rather than have my current one fixed again (split at the front).
Cheers, Steve

 CPC- I can't help, but unless I missed something (which is likely) how about a pic of where the offending subject of curiousity is?
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / New member - Steve Hendriksen
« Last post by SteveH on 22.05. 2019 23:56 »
Hello A7-A10 Forum, I have finally got around to joining the forum that my friends highly recommend.
I live in Auckland New Zealand, I am a long time member of the local BSA-OC and have three BSA twins: a 1967 Lightning - which I've had for a very long time, a 1952 Plunger Star Twin - which completed last weekends VCC Northland Rally from Whangarei (500 km's over three days including riding to the rally and home) and a 1960 Super Rocket - bought six months ago and currently being worked on. I have owned a Plunger B33 in the past.
My current query / interest is that the exhaust valve adjusters on the Super Rocket are not sitting squarely on the exhaust valves, the rock arms are correct, but at first glance the adjuster/rocker appears to be too short by say 3+mm. I have just put in new SRM push rods and it has new valve guides (with little or no seat cutting). I am not sure if the bike had this issue pre my disassembly. Thinking to ride a little and check.
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