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Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Re: Headlamp shell light switch
« Last post by JulianS on 14.07. 2019 13:55 »
This may help.
All Other Bikes / Re: A10 powered Sunbeam
« Last post by morris on 14.07. 2019 13:44 »
That rearward facing cylinder will be difficult to keep cool  *smiley4*
Frame / Re: Side stand lug broke!
« Last post by berger on 14.07. 2019 13:43 »
I have not been to the pub--- never get out of the boat , and never start ya bike on the side stand- its a stand not a starting poll *pull hair out* *bash*
All Other Bikes / Re: A10 powered Sunbeam
« Last post by RichardL on 14.07. 2019 13:39 »
I hate to think about what's involved if you want to make a little tweak to the clutch.

Richard L.
if your unlucky like I was and its wet sumped enough you don't only get it all over the floor but also blown past the maggy seal and an oil cooled mag is the result *eek*
Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Headlamp shell light switch
« Last post by AdrianJ on 14.07. 2019 13:23 »
This one is driving me daft.
There was no clip on the rotary switch in the headlamp nacelle when I dismantled it. (53 plunger A10)
I've got a new switch with an octagonal bent wire clip, but I can't work out how to use the clip to secure the switch.
Any instruction gratefully received.
Nearly finished - tank, saddle and sidecar to attach.
All Other Bikes / New Triumph clutch problem
« Last post by Bsareg on 14.07. 2019 13:14 »
Earlier this year I fitted. A brand new 4 spring Triumph type clutch to my dbd.  Filled the case with oil, more than usual because I also fitted a Pearson starter kit. For various reasons the bike has not been started for some months but when started yesterday the clutch wouldn't free. When stripped, three pairs of plates were " glued" together, clean metal with no signs of rust. Should I have wiped the plates with oil on assembly? Would it be residue from the manufacturing process? The plain plates were cleaned prior to fitting
The odometer on my bike is no longer accurate but I estimate I probably do a few thousand miles per riding season, which means March to November, (salt-free riding only). I'm sure there are forum members who ride all year round.
Frame / Side stand lug broke!
« Last post by Greybeard on 14.07. 2019 13:01 »
I recently saw a side stand break. Chap with a very sweet 1951 A10 was starting the machine on a sloping, rough-surfaced car park. The side stand was down on the downward slope. I think he must have lost his balance; he is a shortish man. The bike fell over to the left side with the rider's leg under the bike. He was not hurt. The bike was not seriously damaged but the side stand lug broke away from the frame. Very annoying! This made me think I need to be careful with my side stand as it has the lug attached to the frame, the same as that machine.
Introductions, Stories & Pictures / Annual Mileage on your BSA - 2019
« Last post by Mosin on 14.07. 2019 12:59 »
OK, so I was just wondering how many miles people are doing on their As each year? It would be nice to get an idea of how our bikes are being used and also to find out who is covering the furthest distance so we can buy them a pint out of utter respect!

I will get things going, but my bike has only been on the road since April and suffered the usual running in hiccups which needed to be ironed out. However so far this year I have covered 1131 miles on it.

Let me know what you have done so far. I personally will send the price of a pint to the person with the highest mileage by December 31st!
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