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Lucas, Electrical, Ignition / Indicators
« Last post by Gavin on 24.02. 2020 13:25 »
I have added indicators to my 12v 51 plunger A10.  I have recently noticed that when I reconnect the earth wire from the battery the indicator unit makes a noise that seems to suggest that it is energised. Is this correct? I assume it will be gently draining the battery and may be leading to the need to frequently replace the fuse.
i am considering installing a switch to enable me to turn the live conact to the indicator unit off when i complete a ride.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Engine misses and loses power
« Last post by BigJim on 24.02. 2020 13:16 »
Hi GB and thank you for offer. Have ordered the one that Chatterlea suggested. Am washed out at work again so just off to the cave to see what i can do.
 *countdown* *good3* *bash*
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Engine misses and loses power
« Last post by Greybeard on 24.02. 2020 12:45 »
I have a reamer that may be the right size. I'll go and find it and let you know. You are welcome to borrow it.
Frame / Re: Petrol tank refurbishment
« Last post by Greybeard on 24.02. 2020 09:50 »
My story:
When I stripped the paint from the tank I found light rust pitting and a shallow but large dent on the upper surface. I made a dolly by sawing off the dome from a ball-peen hammer and welding it to an old broken swivel handle from my 1/2" socket set. I managed to get most of the dent removed, albeit the surface was not great.
I made a tracing of the side pear-shaped area that would be left unpainted so the painter had something to guide his masking tape.
I took the tank to a recommended plater in the UK. The ripply surface where the dent had been would be in the painted area so could be dealt with by the painter so I asked the plater to concentrate on the side panels. The plater dealt with the rust pitting by heavy coppering the whole tank and polishing back before chroming. My painter did a great job of filling the damaged area; I cannot see any evidence of it. After painting I had a local sign writer do a gold line around the sides. Seven years later the chrome looks as good as new, (I do not ride when there is salt on the road) . The paint has some scratches and signs of use but still very good.

From memory I think the tank plating cost about £300. Painting all of the tinware with two-pack cost another 300, maybe a bit more.

The only problem was that the interior of the tank came back from the plater with fresh rust. I tried various ideas to clean it, (I was not on this forum back then or I might have got some better advice). In the end I used POR15 to seal the rust. Again, it's still solid after 7 years.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Timed breather, what is the actual timing?
« Last post by muskrat on 24.02. 2020 08:57 »
G'day Slymo.
Hence my running in program. Just enough oil to let the ring compressor slide. Two laps of the block. Job done!
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: Timed breather, what is the actual timing?
« Last post by Slymo on 24.02. 2020 03:26 »
Mine smoked and blackened the oil and had brand new pistons and rings. Finally replaced the rings with Gandini ones assembled the top end and bores dry and fired it up. Doesn't burn a drop now and I've done several thousand miles since. seems that if the rings don't bed in straight away they are kaput.
Frame / Re: Petrol tank refurbishment
« Last post by Slymo on 24.02. 2020 01:33 »
I sorted most of the dents in my tank without cutting the bottom out, not that I don't agree it can be the only way sometimes, because whilst my tank was dented it was otherwise sound. I used the dolly on a stick in the attached picture and beat the tank on the outside with a length of quite soft 3x1" pine timber. This helped me lift the majorty of dents out to my complete satisfaction. The tank still has a few signs of age on it but noting that isn't in keeping with a 62 year old machine.
Frame / Re: Petrol tank refurbishment
« Last post by sean on 24.02. 2020 01:15 »
have you tried to see if another plater can salvage it ?
Frame / Re: Petrol tank refurbishment
« Last post by trevinoz on 23.02. 2020 21:23 »
This is tank number two.
First is the tank after stripping and before repairs.
I don't have any of the tank before it went to the plater but I was assured that it was excellent.
The copper pictures are what came back. A total write-off.
Needless to say that the plater closed up shop after he sent the tank back.
Good riddance.
Wanted & For Sale / Re: Wanted A10 gear lever
« Last post by RoadRunner on 23.02. 2020 20:52 »
I still have 3 gear shift levers in vary states/lengths - all from a box of A10 spares I purchased years ago.
The longer ones are approx 6" - the bent, shorter one is approx 4.75".

If of interest just pm me.
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