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Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers / Re: thunder conrods
« Last post by Billybream on 20.07. 2021 22:39 »
I think they are still in business, they are based in leicester and this area has been on annual holiday for the last couple of weeks, so they may well be on shutdown
Frame / Re: 7" front brake plate issue.
« Last post by muskrat on 20.07. 2021 21:32 »
G'day Minto.
The plate looks bent to me. The cam and shoe will not be square with the drum. Did you notice the shoe is worn at a slight angle?
Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers / Re: thunder conrods
« Last post by muskrat on 20.07. 2021 21:27 »
G'day Richard.
The MAP rods are the same length as the R&R alloy rods (i have in the Cafe). Which are longer than the stock rods by about 0.030". Easy way to increase comp with flat top pistons.
G'day GB.
Still waiting to see the BSA.
Frame / 7" front brake plate issue. SORTED, sort of.
« Last post by Minto on 20.07. 2021 19:51 »
Hey all, Ive had a look at my front brake this morning and noticed something that seems wrong to me. I'm going to attach some pics as they will say more than I can explain.
But my brake plate does not sit evenly on the drum, I've dismantled it again this morning and I'm wondering whether there's something missing.
The cam side of the plate sits 3 1/4 mm further off the drum than the fulcrum side.
I can't find any info on this brake, or its component parts but it really feels like there may be a part missing as it just wobbles on the drum until you tighten the two large nuts either end of the hollow spindle, then anything more than finger tight siezes the brake up on the hub, and it also does not sit flat or evenly.
Everything there is is in the second picture (apart from the nut and washer for the hollow spindle).
Any help would be gratefully received.
Since taking it apart and scrubbing it up a bit last week it has improved markedly and the shoes are now making way more contact than before, but I'm sure it could be improved further.
Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers / Re: thunder conrods
« Last post by berger on 20.07. 2021 18:49 »
i bought some thunder rods for the berger build, i have no idea if they still make them. on the other part of thinking my rods in the engine are from the 1950's and my bike gets a thraping hitting 6000 rpm on a regular basis, sometimes 7000 in first and second. but then again i am a nutter who makes it have it. don't be scared of old rods---- i'm not ----yet ;)
Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers / Re: thunder conrods
« Last post by RichardL on 20.07. 2021 18:36 »
I don't know if they are still trading, but I have their alloy rods and they've performed great (from my non-pro-motorcycle-mechanic perspective) for about 7,000 miles. You might try MAP Cycles.

Richard L.
Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers / thunder conrods
« Last post by RDfella on 20.07. 2021 15:24 »
Was planning to change my GF conrods to new ones over the winter, as I don't trust alloy rods - especially old alloy rods.
Was considering Thunder rods. Feked refunded my order because they are out of stock, so I contacted thunder engineering direct. But can't get a reply. Anyone know if they're still trading?
Had a tour of the Peak District a couple of weeks back. Rode up on the Friday night and stayed in a hotel in Chesterfield. Did about 100 miles riding the hills and dales on the Saturday before turning for home later in the afternoon.

Here's ole' Blue overlooking the Vale of Edale. My pal was accompanying me on his Griso G11.
Frame / Re: Headlight and Cowl Questions
« Last post by Greybeard on 20.07. 2021 13:38 »
When I started to revive my bike I felt the cowpat cowl was fugly so was considering fitting the earlier style headlamp system. As the work progressed I realised I wanted to keep the bike looking as original as possible. Now, I'm happy that I made that decision.
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