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Amal, Carburation / Re: PWK carbs
« Last post by RDfella on 01.08. 2020 20:09 »
Swarfy - thanks for the encouragement. It is a runner - done about an hour so far, but that's only five minutes at a time. As I've alluded to in previous posts, these carbs apparently have a habit of running OK but being a pig to start, or starting OK but won't run properly. And mine are no exception. Given the difficulty (virtual impossibility) I have starting it with the kickstart and having to rely on rollers I need better than that for a 'shakedown' before I can finish it off for a road test (whilst messing with the carbs I have to run on a temporary tank, as I can't get to the front carb when it's on). So many loose ends at present it's getting me down, and the carbs are the present hold up. Because of them, I'm no further advanced than I was over a month ago. Which is why I was wondering if I might actually get there quicker with different carbs, bearing in mind the mikunis are unlikely, given other's experience, to ever be right.
Amal, Carburation / Re: brand new AMAL 376
« Last post by Swarfcut on 01.08. 2020 19:59 »
Bergs. They used to say the final quality check was the Customer. Maybe just quick check that there are no extras included...... the odd moulding flash, the odd missing spacers/ gaskets etc. For the money you expect it to at least run without being on the extreme edge of sanity.

Amal, Carburation / Re: PWK carbs
« Last post by Swarfcut on 01.08. 2020 19:12 »
RD The more I follow this post, any working carb would solve the short term conundrum of whether you have a runner. A good old fashioned constant vacuum SU from under your scraps pile and a knocked up manifold would do. Or are you more of a perfectionist?

All the best in your endeavours. You deserve a bit of success.

Amal, Carburation / Re: PWK carbs
« Last post by AdrianJ on 01.08. 2020 18:47 »
I’ve put one on my plunger flash. Couldn’t get it to start with the original Amal even though reconditioned. Started second kick after a rebuild with the PWK  Specifically these are JRC PWKs. They have a flange added to suit the A10 inlet manifold. Came with 2 pilot and 2 main jets. Starts 2nd kick every time. No air slide but a starting button does the trick.
My only problem is the bike is very reluctant to start when hot. I am worried about vapour lock as the chap who sold it me was absolutely insistent on the use of the heat insulating gasket between the manifold and carb. Any questions about it and I’ll be pleased to answer what I can. Bike has only done 34 slow miles so far so I have only played around with the pilot jet, which is easy enough.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: SRM clutch
« Last post by KeithJ on 01.08. 2020 18:46 »
Had the same 4 spring Triumph type clutch in my A10 for forty or so years.  Never had slip problems.  Used ATF, but mainly 20W-50.  Fitted the "improved" SRM one and at the same time an electric starter about 5 years ago when completely rebuilt the bike.  Had issues since.  Bought some replacement friction plates must be thirty plus years ago and still have them.  May fit them to see if they are an improvement on the modern SRM ones.  Look the same to me though.  Interesting times working out what's likely to work and the best combination.  Sometimes wonder if better to leave it standard but should be able to improve on what was designed all those years ago surely?  Surely if the clutches were designed to run in oil, there would not be so much concern about the quantity of oil in the chain case?  It is said the oil is there to mainly to lubricate the chain.

 I've run Suzuki clutches on my Vincent when I had it.  Modified the clutch housing to allow oil to enter.  Used various oils with no slipping  problems.  Problem there was getting enough oil to it!  However, I think they are "wet clutches".  KBO!

Amal, Carburation / Re: brand new AMAL 376
« Last post by berger on 01.08. 2020 18:36 »
RD fella 106 needle is correct, and all other jets are by 3 different authors and parts books, I will try my 20 pilot jet but just can't get my head round why it is so choked up with the 30 that this bike should have in the carb *dunno* so tomorrow it is having the 20 , time will tell.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: SRM clutch
« Last post by RDfella on 01.08. 2020 18:13 »
Maybe the manual says the clutch can run in oil, but then the scribe didn't have to start / ride a bike with a slipping clutch. And why did BSA fit a dome over some of its clutches to keep the oil out? I disagree with the manual's advice and can say I 've always had trouble with slipping clutches  (BSA / Norton / Triumph) whenever I've had oil in the primary. Strangely, my Velocette never complained too much, but then the cases used to leak (and were such a bugger to put together) that there probably wasn't any oil in there anyway.
Amal, Carburation / Re: brand new AMAL 376
« Last post by RDfella on 01.08. 2020 18:07 »
Unlike other carbs that drive us both insane, the Amal does at least operate normally – ie tickover is the domain of the pilot jet and screw. Sounds like you need a smaller pilot jet. And whilst you’re at it, is 106 standard for your motor? I know some bikes use that size, but thought the standard was 105 - but I could be wrong. At least Amals are straightforward to tune!
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: SRM clutch
« Last post by JulianS on 01.08. 2020 18:02 »
The 4 spring clutch is a Triumph design which was introduced in the 1930s.

Triumph workshop manuals over the years tell us that these are clutchs are designed to operate in oil.

Regret II dont recall which of the many formulas of ATF I used.
Amal, Carburation / Re: brand new AMAL 376
« Last post by Black Sheep on 01.08. 2020 18:00 »
Back to basic tuning. Book specs are these days only a guide. Drop the pilot jet down a size and try again.
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