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A7 & A10 Engine / Re: More problems starting.
« Last post by AdrianJ on 13.11. 2019 18:43 »
Thanks Jim,
I'll try that, but I bet it's a stuck valve.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Re: Speedometer driveshaft
« Last post by JulianS on 13.11. 2019 18:36 »
My method is to remove the nut (if the type which takes one) remove the retaining screw in the outer cover, attach an old speedo cable to the thread and clamp cable in a vice then gently tap the cover off the speedo bush using a hide or rubber mallet.

All Other Bikes (and machinery) / Re: Batteries
« Last post by RDfella on 13.11. 2019 17:53 »
For vehicles only used occasionally I usually fit a battery master switch. Done that to my classic cars, though mainly as insurance against fire, given the age of the wiring. Also acts an an anti-tealeaf device and an answer to those hard-to-find electrical leakages that drain a battery over a few weeks. I got tired of buying new batteries because they'd gone flat and been that way for a week or more. Only downside is modern radios lose their memory and take too long to re-programme. Modern technology is taking us backwards in many cases.
Clutch, Primary, Gearbox / Speedometer driveshaft
« Last post by JHG1958 on 13.11. 2019 16:52 »
Does anyone know how to remove the speedometer driveshaft from the gearbox outer casing?  I am having the cases vapour blasted and need to remove everything.

Thanks all very much for your thoughts on this. When I get some time and a dry day, I have a few things to try.  I’m pretty sure that these bits of carbon have been the source of the problem, so a good proper clean out is next on the list, as well as undoing the carb adjustment, to put it back to how it was previously.
Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted.
My 1963 BSA model A65 left the factory on 23rd October 1962 dispatched to a dealer in Bristol Kings Motors but was not first registered until 24th June 1963.
A7 & A10 Engine / Re: More problems starting.
« Last post by lawnmowerman on 13.11. 2019 16:24 »
Now we are getting somewhere!
Before you remove the head it may be worth squirting a little thick oil down the faulty plug hole then try it again. If it improves then you know you may be looking at faulty rings / bore. If it does not improve then it points towards valves (bent?), head gasket and rocker clearances.
Valve timing should be ok if you are getting good compression on one cylinder.

A7 & A10 Engine / Re: More problems starting.
« Last post by AdrianJ on 13.11. 2019 16:06 »
Starting to get somewhere. Compression tester arrived.
LH cylinder 100psi, RH cylinder 20psi.
Got to find time now to get the head off and see what's happening.
I lost the nipple off the throttle cable a while ago, thought it came out the bell.
I'll find out early next week.
Welcome Owen

Nice looking rig you have there

Hours of fun

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Yes !
Welcome aboard.
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