Author Topic: What was your first bike ?  (Read 1300 times)

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Re: What was your first bike ?
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Hi guys, first bike was a Francis Barnett 197cc, bought for 10 quid when I was an apprentice in Canterbury. Passed my test on that and thrashed the life out of it everywhere but cannot remember what I did with it. Progressed to a Dominator 99cc that I dunstalised. A group of us used to ride to the grass track meets all around the south east coast thrashing up the white line at 85 mph without a thought of danger I also rode mates T120 and another mates Fanny B 250cc twin Cruiser that he bought brand new and was incredibly fast. Moved to London and within a few months the Norton was stolen, end of bikes until a few years ago here in NZ, actually I am sitting in the sun in Brisbane at the moment, happy days, cheers
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Re: What was your first bike ?
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My first bike was a BSA C11G 1955 I took over the payments from my father as he wanted a bike and sidecar for the rest of the family he bought a 1954 BSA Goldflash with Canterbury sidecar.  I passed my test on the C11G then put it in part exchange for a Norton Dominator 88 which I modified quite a bit the usual, clip on bars high comp pistons did the head up alloy mudguards had it for about 4 years then part exchanged it for a Royal Enfield Constellation 1960 model this was in about 1962 kept that till I married in 1965 then it lay in the shed for a couple of years then sold it. Kids came along so it was old banger cars for a number of years but I was always working on them engines bodywork but when they were off the road I had to have transport for work so I had a NSU Quickly 50cc for a few months  then later I had a BSA Bantam Major 150cc which I gave away to a mate, then there was a gap of about 20 years till I bought a basket case 1957 Gold Flash in 1995 which I restored kept that for about 15 years and also BSA C12 which I restored then sold on. Sold the Flash bought a dismantled 1963 BSA A65 in 2010 restored it still have it and also a 1956 BSA A7 which I bought last year.
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Re: What was your first bike ?
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 Hey KP, I've blown my data for the month had to do a search for you on the phone- I'll send a PM
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