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RRT2 gearbox
« on: 12.02. 2009 15:19 »
     my RGS replica which i have recently bought and will be picking up in around 2 weeks time has the standard gearbox fitted but a good RRT2 box is included.i am wondering whether to fit the RRT2 box as the bike will then be an exactly full spec replica but as these are not really user friendly for around town/traffic use so not sure.what do we think?,am i correct in thinking that the RRT2 box is now a sought after item?

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Re: RRT2 gearbox
« Reply #1 on: 12.02. 2009 16:42 »
I'd stick with a standard geared box for a perfectly adequat ride why would you want to thrash your bike and possibly cause problems for later on? Apparantly RRT2 boxes have fetched good money on ebay in the past and I dont know why they should, unless you've had the box appart and looked at the clusters it could be standard anyway.
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Re: RRT2 gearbox
« Reply #2 on: 12.02. 2009 16:52 »
At the risk of being controversial, I would say that if the bike is for road use, DON'T DO IT, there's just no point !!

The bike will be much more ridable with the STD box. There is no benefit to the RRT2 unless you are racing it around a track, and don't forget that the top gear ratio of both boxes is 1 to 1 so they are the same in top gear.

If you really want it to look authentic, you could swap the internals but the RRT2 is worth at least £500 in good nick.

Apologies to those who use an RRT2 on the road.


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Re: RRT2 gearbox
« Reply #3 on: 12.02. 2009 17:19 »
     i think you have both confirmed what i really suspected and i will keep the STD box in the bike.i will probably keep the RRT2 as a collectors/display is a genuine RRT2 that is in good order,i used to have a 350 Goldie when i was sixteen(paid £45 for it!) and that had the RRT2 box and i remember taking my 17 stone mate on the back once and the clutch was smoking before we got out of town!!!!!! *conf*

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Re: RRT2 gearbox
« Reply #4 on: 12.04. 2009 11:28 »
an rrt2 sold on ebay yesterdy for £1250 Id keep the standard box and buy another project with the proceeds from the box