Author Topic: valve setting procedure a10  (Read 1705 times)

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Re: valve setting procedure a10
« Reply #15 on: 27.11. 2015 13:18 »
I agree with Klaus cant go wrong that way

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Re: valve setting procedure a10
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Discussion about the right valve setting dont solve agonda 1 problem about his hot pipe *whistle*

He wrote that all has checked, but fit reduktion buffles.

I guess this will show a fault in ignition timing for one cylinder.
Most K2F have a diffent timing with 1 till 4 degrees by the camring, this will be in addition to the crank showing 2 till 8 degrees.
So it is strongly recommented to set the ignition by a strobe and check both cylinders.

As l build up my scrambler with a megacycle cam and open high level pipes form Armours, I also ordered the recomented silencers.
For testing in the garden I had fit only the pipes, and it was gread in power the engine runs phantastic, but horrible loud.
Than I fit the silences and it was all over with good running, the bike drive me crasy.

Than l odered taiwan silencers, straight through ones, a look a like silcencer with  a little rockwool inside......blow off in few seconds *eek*

I spend them a new blanket isulator and now a dream.
This special cam need the open pipe with reduce in diameter.

cheers Klaus

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