Author Topic: A link to a small PC game wot I wrote a few years ago  (Read 212 times)

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I used to play around a bit with computer programming. I wrote this little Hangman game in Visual Basic; it's tiny and very easy to play.

Download HangMan.exe and the WordList.txt file and place them together somewhere, such as in a new folder on your desktop. I can guarantee my files have no virii but you should always be careful of downloading executable files.

You can add words to WordList.txt file if you wish or create your own list of words as long as it has the same name and is in the same container as the executable file.

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Re: A link to a small PC game wot I wrote a few years ago
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I'll have a look at that GB, I used to programme a bit many years ago but only in Basic (Sbasic a Sinclair QL) to be fair long after Sinclair had jumped ship QL ers developed Sbasic into Superbasic which was as fast as machine code in the end, still have an Emulator which is blindingly fast but the screen display has remained 1980 resolution, just not worth the effort now
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