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KD bench
« on: 06.12. 2015 16:14 »
Decided my days of working on my bike kneeling down were over and looked into a hydraulic ramp bench. Plenty of choice, but what a lot of money. Did my usual thing and searched on EBay and found a KD version, this has sturdy box section frame and plywood top and lift is via 2 ton trolley jack, second hand but never been used and a little rusty. So bid and won it for £93.00, got it home and decided to refurbish it, so plywood top off, jack out and repaint with Hammerite. Boy its heavy, mine has not got any wheels and just thinking of adding some to help with moveability. These benches still made somewhere in Scotland and retail for just shy of £400.00 so well pleased. People think I,m mad to not just use it as brought but keeps you busy until next spring when it will see some use after winter lay up.
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Re: KD bench
« Reply #1 on: 06.12. 2015 17:04 »
A very kind friend of mine gave me his almost new bench/hoist; it sounds similar to your one; car type hydraulic jack lifts it. I need to use the two locking pins when it's up as the jack slowly goes down. The only annoyance is having to kneel down or squat to operate the jack handle, (I've got dodgy knees). When I was a professional motorcycle mechanic we had foot operated hoists.

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Re: KD bench
« Reply #2 on: 07.12. 2015 11:06 »
Mines made of wood and I use a bike side lift to raise it .Made by my retired neighbour and cost about £50 plus the lift which I'd already had for some years but didn't like as it was to much work to get the bike on safelt and always seemed in the way of whatever I wanted to do, the bench is great and has with GB my knees are knackered saves an awful lot of pain.It'll be a great help Billy.
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