Author Topic: Watsonian Sidecars ???  (Read 1712 times)

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Watsonian Sidecars ???
« on: 26.12. 2015 06:50 »
Hello All,
Merry Christmas.

I have an early (Mk1) Watsonian Monza sidecar fitted to my 1953 Golden Flash. Can anyone help me with a definitive, i.e. you own one, answer to this question. The small swingarm on the sidecar seems to me to be set up a bit weird. Over bumps without anyone in the chair, you get lots of clunking coming from the sidecar. On inspection, the arm is topped out and rests hard against the frame rail. This would explain the clunks as metal touching metal doesn't sound right. I would like to think they had installed a bump stop of some kind to prevent this from happening...... But I don't have anything ?
This could also go towards explaining a small problem with final alignment of the chair. The bike leans towards the sidecar no matter what adjustment I give it. If the swingarm were extended ( sat up ) slightly, the bike would then lean out some and fix this issue.
I really need a photo of somebody else's setup as I am flying blind. The chaps at Watsonian Squire are a bit indifferent as far as advice goes. Maybe I'm not buying a new chair from them ?
Anyhoo, all the best for Motorcycling in 2016 and BEYOND !!!

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Re: Watsonian Sidecars ???
« Reply #1 on: 26.12. 2015 10:29 »
G'day Markyboy.
I know nothing of sidecars except there fun to be in.
Could it be the shock is shagged or the wrong length?
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Re: Watsonian Sidecars ???
« Reply #2 on: 31.12. 2015 11:03 »
It's a long time since I fitted a sidecar but here goes:
When you set up the sidecar and lean out of the bike was it on blocks?  If so, and when you took it off the blocks the lean out was lost, it does sound like the suspension unit needs looking at.  Could you take out the suspension unit and fit a solid bar just to see if the alignment issue can be resolved?  At least that would confirm the suspension unit is the problem.  Have you checked the sidecar chassis and attachment points on the bike are sound?  Could be rusted and lost its strength, just a thought.
Could you ask the shock absorber folks like Hagon if they have worked on these units?
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Re: Watsonian Sidecars ???
« Reply #3 on: 01.01. 2016 04:47 »
Not owning a watsonian, but do own two sidecars, you should have lean out, not lean in! This compensates for camber as does the toe in.

To achieve this, the sidecar wheel should be toedin
about 0.25 to 0.75 inches, the motorcycle
should also lean outward 1 to 2 degrees and the
sidecar wheel should lead the rear wheel by 6 to
I0 inches. Exact specifications dependent on
which sidecar unit is fitted onto your motorcycle.
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