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Dick Smith
« on: 05.01. 2016 07:52 »
Just noticed on the TV NEWS Dick Smith electrical retailers have gone into receivership..
I'm not surprised...  Just prior to Christmas our Panasonic cordless phone battery gave up the ghost
after about 15 years... time for a new one...
I rang the local Dick Smith store & no one bothered to pick up, 3 times it rang out..
bugger says me... I'll drive up there...   staff chatting to each other & drinking coffee,
Finally I get served & told the sales person the model # needed, sales person had no idea which battery fits what... because Dick Smith have their own Battery's..
 Soooo.. I pointed out which battery I needed...  COST $34.00   *eek*
BUGGER that said me ... so went home & purchased a GENUINE one on line... $5.89 Free postage & arrived 2 days later...

Anyone with Gift Cards or Lay By's can kiss their money good bye..
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Re: Dick Smith
« Reply #1 on: 05.01. 2016 08:59 »
Yep the good old corporate giants did it again. Woolworths bought it off Dick for $50M then floated it at $500M. Trying to make money for nothing bit'em on the backside eventually.
I love his peanut butter and ozimite.
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Re: Dick Smith
« Reply #2 on: 05.01. 2016 10:28 »
Yep the good old corporate giants

oh yes they run our country (via the Government) and also help the treasury out by not paying tax - good old boys indeed
All the best - Bill
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