Author Topic: 1950's old bikers 1st date  (Read 253 times)

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1950's old bikers 1st date
« on: 04.01. 2016 12:54 »
I was chatting to a chap in his 80's who told me of his 1st date with a new girlfriend, a night out in Blackpool at the tower ballroom, they lived in East Lancashire so it was a 30 mile ride on his M21 to get to the venue. Not long after they set off it started raining. By the time they arrived they were wet through, she opened her handbag and had to empty the water out before going dancing.......... they still got married!!!! Made of tougher stuff in those days eh?

mucky hands again, great!

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Re: 1950's old bikers 1st date
« Reply #1 on: 04.01. 2016 13:32 »
Hard to find a biker riding in the rain ;)
Tough girls yes l know, but they still the age as me.

cheers Klaus

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Re: 1950's old bikers 1st date
« Reply #2 on: 04.01. 2016 16:50 »
Ha – I managed to run off the road and down a ditch so deep that my pals following up didn’t even realise we’d augured in. Girlfriend on the back wasn’t so impressed, and it was her birthday. Still got the bike and the gal some 30+ years later.
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Re: 1950's old bikers 1st date
« Reply #3 on: 05.01. 2016 10:32 »
My Susie had never been near a bike before we met and started "going out ",after the run around the block she was hooked , natural pillion right away doing hand signals and even keeping an eye out for mr plod and she still is 47 yrs on,hopefully we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary  in April. She was always more worried about what the helmet did to her hair style than getting abit wet.
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