Author Topic: last liverpool kings regt Chindit RIP Phil Hayden  (Read 229 times)

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My business partner as just told me of the loss of his granddad at the grand age of 95 , He was the last surviving Chindit from the Liverpool kings and pos the last in the northwest . Just have a look at the facebook page for this marvellous old guy Philip Hayden Kirkby Liverpool , who was very proud of his unit and his mates but didn't make a fuss ,indeed  Ian said he was unaware of what his granddad had been involved in until told him about these wonderful crazy guys and Windgate  . RIP Mr Hayden .

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Re: last liverpool kings regt Chindit RIP Phil Hayden
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Makes me wonder what any of us finds to complain about. What many went through and how they responded is quite humbling.
Thanks for posting that.
RIP indeed.
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