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Bad luck. Good luck
« on: 28.01. 2016 16:02 »
Just had one of those days. Bike 1956 A7 just done some work on it new magneto bearings and cure leak from gearbox.  Bike started okay but suddenly stopped dead could not restart so checked the usual  plugs etc. Decided to check the pilot jet awkward to get at with the drip tray in the way but did manage to get it out, anyway it was not blocked but when I tried to screw it back in I dropped it, slid down the drip tray hit the gearbox cover and I mistakenly assumed it was underneath the bike. Could not find it anywhere,so where could it have gone.

Now I have the fully enclosed chaincase and came to the conclusion that maybe it went into the front section,there was just enough room between the chain and the case. Had visions of having to dismantle entire primary side to get to front section,so took off the bottom section and with a torch sure enough there was the pilot jet stuck in some grease in the front section. Tried sticking a blob grease onto a piece of 1/4 round bar but only succeeded in making things worse.

Then remembered some where in the garage I have one of those long flexible tools which when you press the end out pops a claw at the other end and is used for retrieving things from awkward places, I could just get it past the footrest and into the front section under the chain and that is where the good luck came in and I retrieved the jet first go.

These things only happen once but next time I have take out the pilot jet I will put a bit cloth under so that if I drop it again it will not go in any awkward place . The reason for cutting out suddenly was somehow the points gap had closed up down to only about 3 thou instead of 12 but was still getting a spark at the plugs.

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Re: Bad luck. Good luck
« Reply #1 on: 28.01. 2016 18:21 »
What a coincidence. Whist re-fitting the carb to my G12 I dropped the flange nut, but hell knows where it went. Soon sourced another nut, but once bitten stuffed some rag underneath. And, sure enough I must have dropped the 2nd nut half a doz times. Got there in the end though. Lesson for next time. 

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Re: Bad luck. Good luck
« Reply #2 on: 29.01. 2016 12:37 »
When I was cycling to work I was forever picking up tools from the road that must have dropped down while a mechanic was working on an engine and got forgotten about or just couldn't be found. I didn't feel too bad about keeping them cos I must have lost quite a few of my own tools when I was a motor mechanic! What goes around comes around or something!

One morning while cycling to work I saw a lump laying in the middle of the road; it was a 25kg cast iron weight, (see pic). I couldn't carry it on my bicycle so I put it on the verge and went back later in the works van to pick it up.

The very next day, at the same spot there was another of the same weights! I also snaffled that one. I use one in my shed as a small anvil and door stop and my son padlocks his bikes in his shed to the other one.  How did they get there? My theory is that a coal delivery man dropped the weights off the tailgate of his lorry; there is a small bump in the road at that point; his boss must have been pretty p*ssed off with him!

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Re: Bad luck. Good luck
« Reply #3 on: 29.01. 2016 15:59 »
I put off the cylinderhead from my Scrambler for some inspektion. I always screw on the carb nuts to the bolds. As as nut droped down on the lift where the bike stand, I only found the whasher and it was strange, loocking at the floor no nut visible. By the way another nut will fit. But all the parts together and give the eginge a run at the lift. Ok valveclearence will need to ckeck. Oh yeah the Scrambler with nearly open pipes is noisy. Do a testride about 30 miles over the fields and everythings fine. Next day I wash the bike to remove the mud and dirt.
After cleaning I will kick it into live....nothing move, engine is blocked *conf2*
I could only turn the crank about 45 degrees.
Put off the head and found the nut pressed between valve and seat.
Thinking about all what can happend *eek*

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