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missing a beat
« on: 15.04. 2012 08:57 »
Hi chaps

A10 hasnt missed a single beat (literally) since the rebuild 900 miles ago.
Out yesterday in the rain and after 10 miles it went briefly on to one cylinder, a quick spray with wd40 on the caps leads and mag and it was fine for another 20 miles when it happened again and wd40 sorted it again and was running fine all the way home.
Is this to be expected when it rains as the mag, leads and caps were all newish and what bit of the HT system was the most likely culprit?

Cheers Spyke
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Re: missing a beat
« Reply #1 on: 15.04. 2012 11:45 »
Shouldn't do that. suspect a crack in the insulation of an HT lead, or dirt on a plug insulator.

Remove the rubber boots over the mag pickups. They trap dampness. So do the type of plug caps that seal against the ceramic insulator of the plug, with a rubber lip. If you don't want to remove these parts, clean them out and get WD40 inside them.