Author Topic: ridiculous weather  (Read 2448 times)

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Re: ridiculous weather
« Reply #15 on: 17.01. 2009 19:48 »
So much for the forecast *smile* *smile*

Blue sky's, no wind, sunny, a bit cold.

But a fantastic ride out.

Only blighted by a leak from the rocker box. *evil* *cry*

I reckon it's all the talk on here about it. Guess what I'll be doing next weekend.

(edit - Just heard that N.Ireland has been hammered by the weather,  guess we will get it soon.)


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Re: ridiculous weather
« Reply #16 on: 17.01. 2009 20:55 »
nearly 9pm  and for the past hour it has been raining with some gusts of strong wind here in Wiltshire but I suspect the more westerly area's are getting it a lot worse
Shall not be out on the bikes for a little while longer yet I'll leave them tucked up in the warmth of the garage till spring methinks

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Re: ridiculous weather
« Reply #17 on: 22.01. 2009 12:56 »
I went out for a test ride for half an hour around Warwickshire yesterday, it was sunny but the wind was very cold.

Did a bit of a winter service, I removed the petrol tank and cleaned out some loose rust, then fitted the old girl with some new petrol taps, and pipes, cleaned out the carb, fitted new pick ups and HT leads, went for a ride then came home to change the oil. It was bloody freezing even in the sun. Good fun though.


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Re: ridiculous weather
« Reply #18 on: 20.02. 2016 21:12 »
Weather trouble again. Unpredictable 60 degrees F. here outside Chicago and bike not done with winter work. Darn!

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Re: ridiculous weather
« Reply #19 on: 21.02. 2016 17:54 »
my old mate used to say if this mild weather is due to the hole in the ozone it wants to be bigger