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registration uk v5
« on: 23.02. 2016 18:36 »
hi building an a10 project from scratch frame bought at rufforth autojumble 20yrs ago no v5  but clear numbers bought a near complete engine over the years collected most parts now 90% finished how do you apply for a v5? any help please thanks nimrod

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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #1 on: 23.02. 2016 19:45 »
Hi Nimrod,

The following information has been copied from the BSAOC website and will give you an insight as to what is needed to register a machine with no documentation.

I hope that it helps.

If you require more information go to www.bsaownersclub, and click on "Machine Dating".

On your application for documents or certificates I would tend not to state that the bike has built up from spare parts as that could open up a can of worms.


Registering Your Machine

The following relates to machines to be registered in the United Kingdom only, other countries have their own specific requirements.

You own a BSA motorcycle, but it did not come with any registration documents.
Do you know the registration number?

If not then you have to go down the age related registration route.

Do you have any historic documents with it such as an old log book, pre-1985 tax disc, old MoT’s or dealer receipts? If you have then you should be able to retain the registration. So go to retaining an original registration.

Do you have the log book?  does the frame number match that on the machine?

If it does then continue on but if it doesn’t then you will not be able to retain the registration. So go the age related registration.

Do you know the registration number but no documentation came with the machine?

Check the remaining registration records on the web site. If they do exist you need to obtain a copy from the register or card and then you should be able to retain the original registration. If the records have been destroyed then you will need to apply for an age related registration.

You should remember that the Club can only recommend that a registration is retained or an age related registration is allocated it CANNOT instruct. The DVLA has the final say.

Also if the machine has been radically altered then it will probably be allocated a ‘Q’ plate registration. (By radically altered means that if it has say, Yamaha front forks, Norton gearbox and Moto Guzzi wheels, so that the only original BSA parts are: the engine and altered BSA frame to accommodate the alterations). This machine would not be able to be registered under either of the above routes. In this circumstance contact the librarian to discuss further. This can only be done by post to:

Mr. Steve Foden.  B.S.A.O.C. Librarian.

113, Holmville Road,


Wirral, CH63 2PX.

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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #2 on: 23.02. 2016 20:20 »
many thanks for the long detailed reply a great help regards  to all for info provided i will go with the b.s.a o.c will keep you posted

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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #3 on: 24.02. 2016 12:05 »
Hi Nimrod, I did this over 10 yrs ago and it really wasn't as bad as it sounds. I'd agree with Beezageezauk and get as much help from the BSAOC ,they are very good. you have to get the machine "dated " and that needs a cert from them or I think the VMCC can do it but at only a nominal fee which is reduced if you join its good value. You'll have to provide them with a clear rubbing from the frame showing it's number they may now require photos as well. It is on there website .
you have to provide a valid MOT , I used the frame number as a temp registration number ,giving that number to the insurance company as well and changing it when the new number arrived. I took the bike to my local DVLA in my sons people carrier.
I remember getting receipts for everything but as was said don't mention buying in big lumps ,they aren't interested in the engine number so don't mention it was bought separately ,seeing A10/A7 on it is enough, wheels rims had rotted but original hubs etc  and so on .The young lad who looked at mine wasn't to interested ,he looked at engine number and took it . I had to show him where the frame number was which he verified and that was that ,10 days later the new log book arrived! HAPPY DAYS If you like please pm me and we can talk it through regards and best of luck, Bob
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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #4 on: 24.02. 2016 12:48 »
I have been down both routes over the years and from the info you have given it would seem that an age related plate is what you will get. The important thing to remember is that it is the frame number that will identify the bike the engine is of secondary importance, also you will need a dating certificate. When you receive it the model given on the certificate is what it is eg if you have an A7 frame and you put an A10 engine in it then it is still an A7 the BSA owners club says you can call it what you like but as far as the club is concerned it will always be an A7. It is a pity you did not get the frame identified before obtaining an engine but if you are not concerned about numbers then an age related plate will suffice.

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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #5 on: 24.02. 2016 13:25 »
I did the Matchless as per Topdad but I know that you can not take it to the local DVLA any more as they have closed all the local offices. I think they now rely on the clubs (like the BSAOC) to recommend a type of registration and give the bike that. I also think that I have heard that sometimes the bike has to be inspected by a club representative.

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Re: registration uk v5
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My understanding is that what you will need is a dating certificate from an authority that the DVLA will recognise. If you have that then provision of that along with whatever the current fee is will elicit you a V5. I had some problems with my Nimbus (more obscure and foreign) and several rejections. Ultimately I used VMCC to provide certification which was good for DVLA. For VMCC they needed a couple of side on pictures I think, along with rubbings of frame and engine number –  again, I think; it was a while ago. They also make a charge for this.

Having said all that I would imagine that BSAOC are recognised by the DVLA.
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Re: registration uk v5
« Reply #7 on: 24.02. 2016 16:54 »
Having said all that I would imagine that BSAOC are recognised by the DVLA.

registration records are now kept some place else, and I can't recall where which is not very helpful I know, but someone here will
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