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Oh well
« on: 29.02. 2016 15:48 »
I intended to strip the engine and carry out some changes on my A10 over the winter. I took the timing cover off in November and that was that! Family and house commitments have kept me fully occupied since then! I'm now considering putting her back on the road, (when I'm sure there will be no more salt spreading; the roads here were salted yesterday!). I'll put off the jobs till next winter, after all, these days the years turn around fairly quickly!

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Re: Oh well
« Reply #1 on: 29.02. 2016 17:10 »
Same here Greybeard, had a small list of jobs to do to both A10 and A7, But not started them at all. Have made a small amount of progress on the G80 but nothing like I wanted  *sad2*. I have had one ride on the motorised versions in January, nice bright day after rain the previous evening meant no salt, but other then that despite some lovely days I not been out as there is salt every were.
And I will not ride till the end of April due to my upcoming trip  *smile* 
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Re: Oh well
« Reply #2 on: 29.02. 2016 17:37 »
Make that three of us, it's been a funny old back end this year, and my shed super ser type heater was hijacked for the Kitchen/dinner, what with so much rain indoor jobs got done but tools and stuff just got chucked back in the shed (and I really hate an untidy place to work).
Now I've got a mega task getting everything back in order and not so subtle mumbled hints about emulsion for the Kitchen - ah well head down get stuck in
All the best - Bill
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Re: Oh well
« Reply #3 on: 29.02. 2016 19:42 »
Well, we've started to have some good days here outside Chicago, but tomorrow it will drop 4" of the white stuff. the only must for getting the bike on the road is completing a simple carb rebuild. Wanting make SWMBO happy, I decided to stop putting off some kitchen tile work after about five years. To work with the tools I have, I chose to do it all with dry diamond-wheel cutting. What I foolishly did not account for was stone dust on everything in the garage including my uncovered bike. I now have about two days of garage cleaning to do to get out from under it.

As the subject says: Oh well. It fails to add ^#$&^%^*%$!!!

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