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« on: 07.03. 2016 04:15 »
Went down to the Hamilton Swap meet over the weekend and although not much there, there was a beagle!
Apparently the only one in NZ.
Quite a little sweetie. (Wasn't for sale)

Did manage to buy a late A10 swing arm and a new 357 cam so worth the trip and a chance to catch up with people
Some long stoke parts there sold (cam followers) and a mate bought a set of matching A10 plunger cases.
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Re: Beagle
« Reply #1 on: 07.03. 2016 08:06 »
There were two on ebay uk recently and I couldn't help being tempted. Too much else going on presently though.
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Re: Beagle
« Reply #2 on: 07.03. 2016 17:32 »
Same with me....was strangely attracted to them....managed to overcome my urges though!

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Re: Beagle
« Reply #3 on: 09.03. 2016 21:54 »
I restored one from a complete wreck a few years ago. Getting parts was a challenge but fun when completed to take it to shows. It fotn got more attenion than Goldies and Super Rockets and other common bikes  ;)
Sold it a few years ago on ebay. I hope the owner is looking after it as I think it was an impulse buy.
Really regret selling it. *sad2*
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