Author Topic: BSA A10 timing  (Read 320 times)

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BSA A10 timing
« on: 21.02. 2020 21:44 »
hello all, i am currently rebuilding my magneto and i was told that i will need to set the engine timing when i install the magneto back. Is this something easy to do myself? Any help on how to do the timing please. Thanks in advance


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Re: BSA A10 timing
« Reply #1 on: 21.02. 2020 23:41 »
The Cheshire BSA Club have a useful tech-tips page which includes what you need.

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Re: BSA A10 timing
« Reply #2 on: 22.02. 2020 10:36 »
 marvic  As an overview, the engine is set at at the point of firing. The magneto is set with the points just breaking, with the  brass segment of the slip ring positioned under the pick up ready to fire the cylinder on compression.  The magneto gear or auto unit is then replaced, without altering the engine or magneto set positions.

 Set a manual magneto to full advance, turn the armature clockwise (from the points end) until points are just breaking. Auto unit, position armature as before, but wedge the auto unit at full advance. Push onto the armature taper, attempt to hold everything still, tighten up the retaining bolt. Lots of hints on the Forum.

 Dead easy, but takes practice. Stick with Beezermacc.  He has done it a good few times. Quite 'andy at it, you could say.