Author Topic: Spark plugs for the A7SS  (Read 1615 times)

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Re: Spark plugs for the A7SS
« Reply #15 on: 15.07. 2016 01:09 »
i dont think you can blame the fuel as i use old klg fe plugs in the a10 on tesco cheapo and it runs like clockwork. why dont you ring round the old existing bsa triumph dealers for some klg plugs?

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Re: Spark plugs for the A7SS
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I had issue on my air cooled BMW which was misfiring at low RPM and dropping down to one cylinder, I changed the plugs which cured it but it came back within 100 miles. Another new set of plugs cured it again but the same problem came back. In the end  I found out the coil was breaking down and replaced the unit and all was fine. So I would suggest it is not failing plugs but something more serious within the magneto.

I have never had a spark plug fail in normal service, as for fuel my cheapo supermarket unleaded sat in the bike over the winter and it started 2nd kick when I dragged it out of the shed.  Well worth getting your magneto tested I would think
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