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vintage show
« on: 21.03. 2016 13:26 »
Went to the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle show yesterday. Got the Lemans out.........Oh yeah, need a new front tire. Try the Stone Touring.....damn, need to charge the battery. Okay, ride the SR500. The show was pretty good (forgot my camera), but not a single A10!
A couple Gold Stars, AJS, Ariel, and Matchless singles (one each), BSA unit constructions, lots of Triumphs, a couple RE Interceptors and Commandos but more Japanese than anything. I pretty much ignored the japanese stuff as too new to be interesting, but then realized that a lot of them really are getting pretty old.
I first attended this show in 1994, so eligible bikes are getting newer. Heck, the SR is 36 years old, but I don't consider it vintage, it's a regular rider! Not much interesting in used parts for sale (too much Harley) but there was a semi-unit(?) A10 set of engine cases and transmission asking $200.
  Hopefully I'll have my A10 up and running for next year, then I'll just have to decide whether to ride it to the show or put it in the show. No contest, more fun to ride!

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Re: vintage show
« Reply #1 on: 21.03. 2016 23:20 »
Why not ride it there & put it in the show ?    *????*
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Re: vintage show
« Reply #2 on: 22.03. 2016 08:40 »

 Maybe a long shot  *????*
  Hopefully I'll have my A10 up and running for next year,
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