Author Topic: How do I check for a good spark single-handedly?  (Read 411 times)

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I need to eliminate the possibility of an ignition problem to confirm that my misfire is carb related.

Is there an easy way to check for a good spark without a helper? I'm assuming that I need to remove the plug, reconnect the HT lead, hold the plug against the engine fins and kick. I expect this to be difficult. Could I instead put the bike into gear and spin the rear wheel?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


PS What is a colourtune and might that help?
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Re: How do I check for a good spark single-handedly?
« Reply #1 on: 23.04. 2016 20:06 »
Hi Paul
I take both plugs out so I can spin the engine easily. Often just resting the plug on the head is enough to see if you've got a spark but with both plugs out you can hold the plug (via the plug cap!)against a clean bit of engine with one hand while kcking over.

Colourtune is a spark plug with a glass top so you can see inside the cylinder while the engine is running. This allows you to check the flame colour and see whether the mix is rich or weak.
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Re: How do I check for a good spark single-handedly?
« Reply #2 on: 25.04. 2016 11:40 »
You use an inline spark plug tester.
I use the neon tube kild because the red flash is easier to see.
They are fairly wel proportional.
Bright red flash = good spark
Faily pink flick = poor spark
and of course, no spark = some ones stolen your bike  *smile*

You can use a biro tube tester ( or buy one from a mower shop ).
This is also an inline do dad which has a sliding contact inside a clear tube.
A good spark will jump 1/2 gap between the contacts in the tube.

From the shops that sell foxtails for you car radio areils and lights that illuminate the road under your car you can usually get flashing spark plug caps.
Again a type of inline plug tester converted into a must have for car drivers who walk around with both hands in their pockets and a fuuny smile.
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