Author Topic: BSA 8" single sided front brake  (Read 270 times)

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BSA 8" single sided front brake
« on: 28.04. 2016 14:07 »
I first noticed this the other day, when I apply the brake, the brake plate tends to flex.  I also noticed that as the brake cable pulls the arm up the spindle moves outwards by about a millimetre or so as it rotates. Is this normal? If it is not can anyone suggest a remedy? other than this the brake operates perfectly well.

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Re: BSA 8" single sided front brake
« Reply #1 on: 28.04. 2016 14:39 »
Not seeing it on mine, but not looking real close-up or measuring, either. On the rear, the whole plate wobbles. My brakes work, but I try to ride like they are placeholders for real brakes.

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