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Re: Glitter
« Reply #15 on: 30.10. 2016 22:47 »
Hi All,
Could also be an oil supply issue (not enough flow, lack of pressure), or using oil without zinc content (high rubbing loads between the camshaft lobes, and the followers).

Is the oil gallery from the relief valve to the cam trough blocked?

In my experience the first sign of poor oil pressure due to worn, main bush/big end bearings or bad pump or PRV is worn cams/followers
Low pressure or blocked oilway as Trev suggests means the cam trough does not get  oil during the all important cold start

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Re: Glitter
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I have mentioned it before, that the oil gallery btn the relief valve and the cam trough was blocked on my Huntmaster and had been from the factory. I had to drill it out. The cam followers had obviously been re-profiled and were badly scored. The blockage was obviously the problem but had never been discovered. I can't believe my bike was the only one to have suffered this.

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