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Re: Just visiting
« Reply #60 on: 28.04. 2016 09:54 »
Man the word 'midges' takes me right back to the mid seventies, camped by an idyllic Loch up in Scotland on the brand spankin' 850 Commando Interstate. On the run from Australia, Mary on the back.
Not a wink of sleep because of the little bastards (midges) by this loch... drove us mad! -So we just packed up the tent around 5 am and fanged it across the width of Scotland west to east, coast to coast... freezing, beautiful, mad ride dodging those weird long-haired cattle wandering all over the road on those fabulous windy hilly roads. Got to the other side for breakfast, great big feed, ooh wonderful, but by that stage I was ready for a stiff one!!! (Got by with several cups of tea until 11, then into the pub. Ahhhhh!

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Re: Just visiting
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I'm sure Olev idea will work but think it may repel every B*****  *lol*
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Re: Just visiting
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I've heard that a product made by Avon, Skin So Soft is great for keeping the blighters off.
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Re: Just visiting
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hi, (Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray-The Alternative to Insect Flies Mosquito Flea Repellent - Even Great For Horses Cats Dogs)
 is that it also repels : Horses Cats Dogs as well, cheers
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