Author Topic: Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride Team  (Read 11100 times)

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Re: Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride Team
« Reply #225 on: 11.10. 2018 13:39 »
Top contributors to 2018 DGR

Top rides. Well done London!

Top Riders. Well done Michael Mancinelli!

Top countries. Well done USA!

Chicago got into the chart! Well done RichardL!

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Re: Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride Team
« Reply #226 on: 16.10. 2018 16:22 »
I wasn't able to comment following my ride out on the Liverpool ride, due to being some hours later on holiday  to Majorca for 14 days.
The ride was well organised and raised more than a few smiles and questions however the weather was against us , a few rain showers no problem but where we ended up on the Albert dock riverside with a gale force wind up your jacksie   :o was not pleasant it also detered the tourists from venturing to the group as well ,still a job well done and heres to next year , better start getting my donations in !
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Re: Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride Team
« Reply #227 on: 06.11. 2018 10:13 »
PLUS....... (But wait theres MORE!) We had PNW Axe throwing, which is like darts and a bit of snooker but more complicated.   Plus live music ................
The guy with the axe was just a random guy since my friend didnt want her picture taken with the axe, I kinda think he looks like the lead character from Fargo (William Macy) and presents a nice air of madness,, mild mannered car salesperson, Axe murdering psychopath in his spare time.
I wondered if Axe throwing might progress to hunting down hipsters or lawyers?  (Just a thought......)

 I knew I'd seen a mention of axe throwing somewhere....
 Funny it should come up here, because the other day I took a different routeto my youngstas  place down a street I hadn't been for a while , and just around the corner from him is a ' AXE THROWING ' Shed ....looked very busy too, with all kinda types in various cozzies ( *fight* uniforms)

 brought back memories of younger days when we used to run around the bush on horses playing Davy Crockett.. *doubt*.or maybe Daniel Boone..... *conf2*....trying to split trees with whatever bladey things we could find...

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