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« on: 03.06. 2016 15:22 »
This is a non A7/A10 question but if you could bear with me at least. The bike is running a 6V dynamo and a solid state voltage regulator. But how do I know if my voltage regulator is working right/at all? The battery shows a certain voltage at rest, and clearly more when the engine is running … and as the revs rise. And then less with the lights on. If the voltage regulator were working, then I guess as the battery becomes ‘full’ it should back off. How can I test for that? I’m asking as the previous battery seems to have boiled dry.

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Re: Voltage?
« Reply #1 on: 03.06. 2016 15:59 »
Take a look at 2 things: Volts and Amperes, you'll need 2 multimeters for simultaneous check. Or do V 1st, then do A. Check both with different loads (lights on\off), & with full battery (should show low A), & with drained battery (should show high A, decreasing as battery charges).

- Volts, connected across battery poles of course.
- Amperes, connected in series to a battery pole (disconnect a battery wire and let connection pass trough the meter). Set the meter to measure at least 10 (or 20) A. Clamp meter is great >

Tell us what the numbers are, someone may decypher the findings.

Be sure to correctly reset multimeter between different measurements  ;)

and clearly more when the engine is running
How much? Up to 7,5v should'nt do any damage.
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