Author Topic: Mag flashing.  (Read 356 times)

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Mag flashing.
« on: 07.06. 2016 09:43 »
After 5 years standing, I'm getting no spark (as mentioned in my other topic) I'm sure it just needs a mag flashing.
Is there a simple way for a novice like me to do this without "cooking" the darn thing?
Any advice to save me money welcome!

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Re: Mag flashing.
« Reply #1 on: 07.06. 2016 10:39 »
Can't flash a mag like a dynamo Padsta! So don't shove a battery across it or anything - that would be a very bad plan!
Best thing to start with is the points. They may have oxidisation on them - even if they look quite clean. Get them off and sparkling clean and set them to 12-14 thou.  Then check the HT pick-ups, brushes and leads to make sure they seem OK. With them off you can clean the slipring through one of the holes with a bit of non-fluffy rag or cotton bud sort of thing and a drop of some cleaning agent.  5 years is a long time doing nothing, so some parts might well have deteriorated. And it may have been undisturbed for many more years than that I guess  . . . . If you're lucky, a good clean up with bring it back to life; if you're not, you'll have to dig further unfortunately. Good luck!

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Re: Mag flashing.
« Reply #2 on: 07.06. 2016 15:02 »
Sorry didn't see this before I posted on your other thread ,Bob
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