Author Topic: gearbox speedo drive bush  (Read 613 times)

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gearbox speedo drive bush
« on: 11.06. 2016 12:14 »
Hi All, decided at last to do something about the oil leak from my gear box (1957 A10 gold flash swingarm model). It is coming from the speedo drive cable. My parts manual says the large bush is 65-3390, when I look at say Draganfly's website they list the bush as 65-3396.
Any ideas which would be correct. I was trying to get the parts before stripping out the existing bush. Also any tips on how to remove this bush.
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Re: gearbox speedo drive bush
« Reply #1 on: 11.06. 2016 15:38 »
Hi there 65-3390 is the correct part number for your gearbox the part number listed by Draganfly is listed as the part number for 1958 onwards I would ring them because I think the inner casings are the same so either would fit but ring to confirm before ordering. 65-3396 is also the part number for the A65 speedo bush and if memory serves correctly I think they modified the later bush to accomodate an o ring for sealing this maybe why the different part numbers.