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Re: Electronic Ignition
« Reply #60 on: 20.02. 2017 14:42 »
Hello Chris.
That was a while ago but interesting to go back into that world again. My Super Rocket something has not been ridden very much the last years. As it stands right now in the cold in the garage it has the Lucas magneto fitted. I expect it will start and run as soon as the spring comes again. I will also expect that there will a slight pinking sound from the left side of the engine . That might be the result of the sparks not coming 180 degrees apart from the otherwise good Lucas K2f magneto. That is something that I hope to look into when I find the time and motivation. This forum will give me good information as to how to do it I believe.
When last fitted with the Runtronic a couple of years ago it gave me a problem by not immediately restarting after a 40 km ride . It took me home but some time later a bad bearing was discovered in the housing living where the Lucas normally lives. Myself to blame for that as I had made it myself.  There was a rotor rotating at half engine speed with two small magnets 180 degree apart. The sensor was in a lid outside,easily turned to adjust timing. That used to  work quite well but I felt that the spark at kickstart kicking speed was to retarded (!!) for easy starting. Here I must admit that In tried to use the obvious crankshaft -triggering as well but abandoned that because the large radius that gave the little magnet. Still a bit of a mystery is how to control the advance curve ,to me at least.  I believe the R was initially designed for model engines,thats where I met them first.
So,nr one Question.I don't use it now but still temped .
Nr two. Have never felt any heat from the Black box but believe it likes some air around it.
All this may well have been confusing.By the way I actually talked to the designer Rune living still hopefully not very far from where I live in the south of Sweden.From what I remember he is clever with electronics ,not a man of words.
Good luck and feel free to ask any question ,to me or anybody on this friendly forum.
Erik Y
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Re: Electronic Ignition
« Reply #61 on: 28.02. 2017 07:51 »
Hi Erik,

And thank you for your answer

I've sent you a PM