Author Topic: 8 in single sided brake rim offset  (Read 432 times)

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8 in single sided brake rim offset
« on: 31.07. 2016 23:05 »
Hi, I am new to this forum.  I own an AJS 500 single to which I am fitting a BSA 8 in single sided front brake, a big improvement over the 7 in 7/8 wide original.  A work colleague gave me a drawing, from Meridan works, dated 1971, for a new front axle to fit the BSA brake in AMC's Teledraulic forks - the BSA 8 in brake was about the best in the 50s.  I bought a brake off flea bay, skimmed the drum, made the axle, and am nearly ready to go.  The last piece of the jigsaw is the nut/spacer Required (no dimensions given but 3/4 BSC thread) that holds the alloy brake plate in position and also locates the axle against the left side Teledraulic fork leg - the Teledraulics use separate fork clamping pieces to locate the axle, rather than the threaded end and integral clamp of the BSA arrangement. This in turn dictates the rim offset.  I plan to start with the standard (BSA) offset and calculate the nut thickness, work out if a different offset is necessary to get everything to fit with different stanchion spacing, have the wheel built and fine tweak the nut.  I have looked on this forum and there appear to be several dimensions given over the years.  I am after the offset for a 19 in WM2 rim, as measured with a straightedge across the open edge of the brake drum, to either the rim centre or edge.  Can anyone help?  Thanking you, Andy

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Re: 8 in single sided brake rim offset
« Reply #1 on: 01.08. 2016 09:26 »
I started with 17mm (half width hub) and ended dead right centre with that
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