Author Topic: Front Forks - advice on repair  (Read 2518 times)

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Re: Front Forks - advice on repair
« Reply #30 on: 21.07. 2016 13:26 »

 When these were made up, I trust the bottom was welded, did your guy braze the top on?

 I just blasted both of mine, one is fine and the other is a little bellied at the top. I might have to do this to one, if its easy enough might as well do both....

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Re: Front Forks - advice on repair
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Dutch had it, I'd posted pics on my thread "Rusty" and I think there are some good slider pics on my road rocket racing sidecar thread too, before I painted them.
I wanted a TLS that didnt look too non standard and have a few spare brake plates so my trustee engineer converted the SLS plate. The hub is later 68/70 flanged type.

I'll confirm with my engineer how he assembled it. I recall the tricky bit is the mudguard mounts as its easy to distort the tube and we had a slight tight spot to relieve with a flapper wheel.

Sadly all these sliders are well worn and fresh ones make sense.
A good rider periodically checks all nuts and bolts with a spanner to see that they are tight - Instruction Manual for BSA B series, p46, para 2.
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