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Re: Gremlins
« Reply #15 on: 21.07. 2016 23:32 »
Doesn't sound very masculine, to be frank.

 See, thats the thing about it. Nobody is sure if the Gremlins are boys or girls, or what they are. I heard if you try and check they eat your face off. *eek*

 I had a pal with the most ridiculous handlebars ever, and I looked for a picture but cannot find any of that old stuff. Imagine holding onto the grips and if you stuck your thumbs straight out they would touch in the middle. Then hold them above your head while riding.

 They were never popular for good reason.

 What were we thinking back then? *ex* *eek*
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Re: Gremlins
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Doesn't sound very masculine, to be frank.

  *conf* Who's frank?
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Re: Gremlins
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This is starting to sound very "Fairies wear boots man" .
Paranoid Chopper riders on acid.  ;)

There must have been a significant Gremlin village at the Lucas factory.

I looked at you tube and there was a very silly clip someone had filmed themselves riding through a cemetery for added effect  *sarcastic* with a voice over that went on about buying children christmas presents... *sleepy*

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Re: Gremlins
« Reply #18 on: 22.07. 2016 13:38 »

 BTW, for those from across the pond a "traffic cop" is a ball peen hammer you mount in a loop to get bad drivers attention.
My club all had poker machine handles. *bash*
I think all the local gremlins have moved into my shed.
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