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magdyno clutch springs
« on: 07.08. 2016 19:34 »
Nothing to do with A7's or A10's. A well known UK parts supplier have been selling 'star springs' for magdyno (MO1) magneto drive gears. These are made out of the wrong type of steel and are too brittle, i.e. they crack or shatter when tightened up. I bought about twenty of these and have just packaged them up and sent them back after I broke three whilst trying to use them. They are very similar to the originals except these have a bright zinc appearance. Of course they are swarming all over Ebay, being sold by unscrupulous people who, either haven't tried them, or are dumping their stock. I know lots of us have singles as well as twins so beware!

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Re: magdyno clutch springs
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Thanks for the heads up

I have a B33 fitted with magdyno so good to know about these things



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