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« on: 31.08. 2016 16:58 »
I've just been out on my bike for a forty mile ride around Warwickshire back roads and through picturesque villages, like this one:
I haven't ridden the machine much this summer so I've fallen in love with the old girl all over again! The countryside was lovely. The weather was good. The engine just purred along doing everything I asked of it without a struggle like some loyal dog that wags it's tail because it's just happy to be doing what the boss wants!

After changing the gearbox sprocket a while ago the clutch was not very good; difficult to engage/disengage first gear at tickover so yesterday I set the clutch up using a dial guage. The clutch is now sweet; first gear engages and disengages nicely without a clunk while the machine is stationary.

A few thunks:
1) 65mph, (105kph), actual speed, (as per SatNav) is really quite fast enough when sitting upright, (and allowing for BSA brakes).
2) If you forget that the engine was hiding some oil and you top up the oil tank YOU WILL make a mess on the drive and end up with one boot looking like black patent leather!
3) A 125cc modern motorbike showing Learner plates WILL easily overtake you. Learn to live with it!
4) Seeing strangers admire your motorbike while you are paying for petrol makes one extremely proud!

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Re: Beautuful!
« Reply #1 on: 31.08. 2016 18:23 »
What a great place to ride. Almost like the bikes were made for it. Nice description of your enjoyment, as well.

Richard L.
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Re: Beautuful!
« Reply #2 on: 01.09. 2016 11:22 »
That is what they were made for , apart from the crappy weather ( I fear a "life of Brian" moment coming on ) we are very lucky to have such lovely countryside to ride in, shame  it's spoiled by car drivers !! I have the hightown bends close to hand to enjoy a little metal grinding and then the  ancient village of little Crosby ,a place  of oldie world charm,  followed if time allows , a short ride to look out over Liverpool bay from Burbo Bank, surrounded by Anthony Gormleys "Iron Men " some dressed by local kids in straw hats and ties ,makes me laugh and passers bye fear for my mental health ... til they see what I've been looking at !
re your points GB 1) yep 2)done that to !! 3) think musky wouldn't have that ! 4)Absolutely never tire of the questions

Thanks for the wake up call GB. *good3* *good3*
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