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Re: 1961 Super Rocket
« Reply #15 on: 06.10. 2016 17:55 »
If buying one here and shipping to you would somehow help, let me know.

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Re: 1961 Super Rocket
« Reply #16 on: 06.10. 2016 18:16 »
Hi All,
If all else is ok with the bearing size then it maybe possible to hone the bearing bore to size ??

I was trusting Anji's measurements, as I posted earlier,  2 thou is too tight


Bearings are a sore subject this week *sad2*
The spindle bearings on my milling machine had developed a little play, 0.0015in. or so
they of course are "specials", high precision angular contact type, matched as a pair
Trade price including tax just over €400  *eek* *eek* *eek*
Once ordered they took almost 10 days to arrive, I asked at the bearing shop about the special grease needed and was told they come pre packed
No they weren't *problem* so start looking for the Kluber NBU15, and then order that, so another wait until that arrives *pull hair out*

1961 Super Rocket
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Re: 1961 Super Rocket
« Reply #17 on: 07.10. 2016 09:15 »
Hi Anji, I've spun a used crankshaft main bearing o.d. in a lathe and applied emery cloth to the I.d. In order to make a easy to trial bearing to get the crankshaft end float correct, so I guess the same could be done with your gearbox bearing?  albeit you have a bit more metal to remove....., I did not have too much trouble with I.d spinning, surprisingly.

It's a surprise you have to fettle a standard bearing to get it to fit, but having to fettle parts in order to get them to fit is rather too common  *work*
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Re: 1961 Super Rocket
« Reply #18 on: 12.10. 2016 16:27 »
If buying one here and shipping to you would somehow help, let me know.

Richard L.
Hi Richard
Did you get my message sent a few days back?