Author Topic: Complete electrical failure - intermittent  (Read 2159 times)

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Re: Complete electrical failure - intermittent
« Reply #30 on: 30.09. 2016 23:06 »
Complained about the 'failed' Westco battery and was told to dispose of the old one and they'd send a new one out  *smile*  Hopefully, this one won't be the abject crap that the first one was, otherwise it'll be a proper rant on the phone.  I can't see any other problems with the electrics other than the battery not performing  Also, when I was doing my tests, I found a sharp tap on the battery brought it back to life again  *dunno2*

Any recommendations regarding batteries?  Always used to use Yuasa on the japanese bikes of the past but the A10 is a completely different beast.

Sounds like a loose connection in the battery itself, new one on me! Just goes to show, never too old to learn.

Well you found the problem by the sound of it, well done to you!
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Re: Complete electrical failure - intermittent
« Reply #31 on: 01.10. 2016 09:04 »
Almost definitely a loose connection in the battery - I did test it for continuity and that was intermittent too.

One possible contributing reason for failure was losing the metal battery strap on a run, so it was bouncing around under the seat for quite a few miles.  *eek*

I decided to use an old black leather belt as a strap as it allows a bit of movement and you don't risk cracking the battery casing.  It fits really well, going through the front and rear slots of the battery tray.  I've also bought a really thick rubber mat for it to sit on so hopefully no repeat.

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