Author Topic: possible new mot rules coming.......  (Read 252 times)

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possible new mot rules coming.......
« on: 16.10. 2016 16:48 »
just a bit of light reading ....some one posted on facebook ,thought i might interest some of you .
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Re: possible new mot rules coming.......
« Reply #1 on: 16.10. 2016 22:53 »
Saw this, prompted by the car club, a couple of weeks ago.
While I would welcome not having to get my 1963 bike MoTd I can't help thinking that the whole idea of an exemption is just too open to potential abuse.
The consultation document reports how many currently exempt vehicles were presented for test, around 7% if I remember correctly. I've been surprised that insurers have not made more fuss. Perhaps there has been some comment and I've missed it.
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Re: possible new mot rules coming.......
« Reply #2 on: 17.10. 2016 10:00 »
You might argue that pre 60s vehicles are mostly challenged enough dynamically already, and that their owner/drivers are skilled enough and sensible enough to drive within these parameters that a bit more wear and tear that might otherwise be ill advise won't matter. That doesn't discount the possibilities for sudden catastrophic failure of course. From an insurance perspective I'd imagine that the accident statistics within this area are too small to be worth worrying about. One good bus crash probably costs more in claims that the whole of the classic vehicle driving community manage in a year between them.

Not sure how much more recently that 1960 you'd have to go before you raised the interests of chancers just looking for cheaper motoring.
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