Author Topic: Tyre pressures  (Read 2309 times)

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Re: Tyre pressures
« Reply #15 on: 28.03. 2019 09:57 »
Continental tubes my group had were very porous and needed air every couple of weeks.

We've all switched to Michelins and problem has disappreared
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Re: Tyre pressures
« Reply #16 on: 28.03. 2019 10:57 »
G'day Slymo.
At those pressures mine would handle like a wet sponge! Which Avons are you running?
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Re: Tyre pressures
« Reply #17 on: 28.03. 2019 12:00 »
RGS-Bill - and Haynes tell us to shim both sides of the crank! And now I find modern Haynes manuals next to useless as clearly whoever writes tham hasn't done the work suggested.
As for tyre pressures, there are a lot of variables to take into account. I've found bigger rims (eg WM3 instead of WM2) need less pressure as the tyre is less rounded.  Run 20/20 on my M21 (rigid) and just a tad more on the GF (S/A) My Firestorm is 36/42 so I'm slightly surprised at 30 being suggested for the A series. Although years ago I recall running pressures about 10psi above normal increased grip for rally cars on tarmac.
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Re: Tyre pressures
« Reply #18 on: 29.03. 2019 21:40 »
Erm no actually re reading my post 30 was a typo, Ive got 34 in the back but do have 22 in the front. No problems with cornering but then I didnt really notice that they were down in the low teens prior to the top up other than the squealing. Also I inflated them at the local petrol station and that guage has been thrashed, dropped and driven over so Its at best an aproximation of inflation.