Author Topic: Head gaskets  (Read 1500 times)

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Re: Head gaskets
« Reply #15 on: 24.02. 2017 16:40 »
 Called my brother and he remembered.

 It was the silver paint transmission shops used to spray on rebuild transmissions to make them look "new". I dont know if they still make that stuff. He also said you could spray it onto a glob of grease and it would dry into a shell over the grease. *eek*

 My brother said quite a few of the hill climber guys at the time (early 1970s) didnt use a head gasket, just that silver paint stuff. The heads supposedly didnt leak and they got a little higher compression.

 I wouldnt try that, but at that time 1950s bike parts were probably available at the local junk yard...

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Re: Head gaskets
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 The other thing about copper is that it's possible to make your own, like I did when I couldn't buy one at all (not an easy task)

  I remember when I was young my dad always sprayed this really thick silver paint on all his head gaskets, but I don't remember  what it was..... *sad2*

 I never did it,but remember hearing about it and I think it was called 'Silver Frost', at least over here- not sure if still available or had a name change as I've used similar

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Re: Head gaskets
« Reply #17 on: 26.02. 2017 05:47 »
This is the stuff I use on my gasket, never had a leak yet...  *wink2*
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Re: Head gaskets
« Reply #18 on: 04.03. 2017 21:29 »
I have also had a composite one fail (many years ago) and it blew from the cylinder to the push rod tunnel. Having the new trendy alloy pushrods at the time it melted two of the damned things. I was in Leicester about 100 miles from home and I remember using grinding paste to lap the head on a showroom window at about one in the morning while nobody was about :)

This has got to be one of the best stories ever!!!  The ingenuity of the young motorcyclist!