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oil pump
« on: 24.02. 2017 13:45 »
has anyone used a Hawker oil pump that draganfly sell? if so are they any good as the price is cheaper than SRM.
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Re: oil pump
« Reply #1 on: 24.02. 2017 19:21 »
No experience of them
But reading the description it seems to me that these pumps are fitted with secondhand gears?
as they are exchange or pay £25 extra to buy outright ???
SRM pumps have new late A65 type gears that have a higher pumping capacity

Years ago I was told that when BSA closed there were 10's of thousand's of new oil pump gears in stock
and these are still being used for the SRM pumps
True or False  *????* *????* *???*
I have fitted several SRM pumps and am more than happy with them
A couple of years ago at the Morgo stand at Stafford I was shown a prototype BSA oil pump
that used rotors rather than gears, But it seems nothing became of it ????

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Re: oil pump
« Reply #2 on: 24.02. 2017 19:53 »
I'm not familiar with Hawker A10 oil pumps.

Do they claim to perform better than the stock pump ?

I purchased an A10 oil pump from Draganfly a couple of years ago which was the same as the original in every way.
Think I had to send them my old one as a core unit

New pump seemed ok (better than my original) but I switched it out for an SRM pump a few months later.

In my case, a noticeable improvement in return oil flow after fitting SRM pump



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