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Tools Kit
« on: 19.03. 2017 21:30 »
Hi all,
  I still have my 1949 A7 Plunger under restoration since 2 years ago...In order to forget the terrible pain, the anxiety and the arguments against my mechanics, I spend my time buying cosmetic things.

My latest purchase was a BSA tool set from Ebay (I attach image: ). The set has no bag.

I am planning to make (or to request to my mom  ;)) a bag with holders to contain all the tools. What it would be great to have is an idea of the original tools kit bag, specially for this model, a 1949 A7 Plunger.

I'd appreciate you could send your tools kit bag, as long as it's original, so my mom would have a certain starting point to make it.  *smile*

Thanks so much in advance!
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