Author Topic: beautiful bike... but???? (smoke from engine top R)  (Read 1204 times)

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Re: beautiful bike... but???? (smoke from engine top R)
« Reply #30 on: 21.03. 2017 12:12 »

It seems that you are in for a complete strip-down, inspection and rebuild, if you're up for it. First advice is to take it slow or, at least, carefully. As for riding this season, I suppose that's dependent on how much time and money you can devote to the job. Are you anywhere near Aadorf? Our member, Peter, lives there and may be some help to you. You can check the member list and send him a personal message or email. I assume you are aware of British Only Austria.

Now, do you have the Haynes manual for A10s and a parts book for the year of your bike? If not, I'd say get those and browse through them thoroughly. The Haynes book is not perfect, but it's about all there is for a step-by-manual. Folks here can clarify as needed.

As for the things that rotate, the first step is determine where the crankshaft is in its life. Another recent thread here has gone through the measurement necessities of that and we can steer you there if needed.

Well, my train is pulling into the station, so must sign off.

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Re: beautiful bike... but???? (smoke from engine top R)
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Aadorf is around the corner...

thank you i am very thankful for all the cares and inputs.. since i did many us cars, i understand quit a bit of that stuff, but this is another speciality.. i want to put much effort in it, since i want to drive, have other project sitting around...